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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/20/11 11:34 AM

Here's a little something for folks who have a Dusheck Slippery Sam set, one of his Ultimate Copper and Silver Transposition sets or the Digital Dissolve product from Theory 11:

If you wear a pocket square in your jacket and want to bring that item into play :) recalling the Ramsay routine...

Get set into the position where you've got what they think is the silver coin in a cup or in one person's closed hand and have the gaff in hand showing as the copper. Now bring out the pocket square and ask for a volunteer. Cover the coin at your fingertips and ask them to pinch the coin to confirm that it is there. Make an indirect display of both hands otherwise empty and display the apparent copper coin at your fingertips and let them cover the coin with the handkerchief. Let them take the coin from your fingertips as you instruct them to hold it tightly. this might be a fun moment to get out a glass, quietly lose the gaffus, and when the moment is right have them drop the coin into the glass. What's left in view is innocent and leaves all the wrong clues for those who like to guess.

A less audience centric approach would be to parallel the Ramsay two coin transposition using black and white hanks by way of a misleading display to have them infer that the silver coin is going into the white hank and later on rotating the coin at your fingertips to permit the gaffus to get free of silver coin.
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Postby BarryTX » 04/20/11 12:08 PM


I recently got the Digital Dissolve, and this is a great idea to incorporate. This is the first gaff that I've used and it has gone over very well with the taught routine, but I think your thought is an even better take on it. I'll definitely be giving it a try. Thanks for sharing.

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/21/11 11:09 AM

Glad you like that use of a modern gaff with the Ramsay ideas.

If you're up for exploring, you can take the next step and have a few silvers in a purse with a real copper, and the gaffus to do a pretty darn clean looking wildcoin. Just bring them out one at a time and use one colored hank to change them and (of you like the kicker approach) the other colored hank to change them all back together. The extra copper is so they have a coin to look at while you are doing the magic. Some audience flight time will show how that helps ;)

Handling hint: you can show the coin as either silver or copper to start and use the hank to hide the proper displacement of the gaffus to effect the change. Whether you then simply table the changed coins or put them into a cup for a later kicker change depends on which way you want to do the "Duscheck Shove" move. Either way the hank can cover a slight brushing motion or a full cover, hand to hand transfer and then reveal to make some impressive changes without using fancy sleight of hand.



PS question to our gaff-meisters: Are you currently making a double slider set where a copper and silver Dusheck gaff can sit over a slightly smaller chinese coin? Hopefully with a little magnetism to keep things in place easily. (and if not yet, please call it something other than a Slippery Jon)
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