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Postby Q. Kumber » 07/23/02 09:32 AM

I give my highest recommendation to the Denny and Lee
video available from

It is a tape of Denny's one hour show taped in a theatre
in front of a live audience. It is show only - no explanations.

But what a show. One hour of pure entertainment by a top
pro. You have often heard the phrase "be yourself" or
"the magic is you, it's not the tricks". This tape is the
epitome of these phrases. His egg bag routine and multiplying bottles routine brought back happy memories of Ken Brooke, who would have loved this show.

The irony is that this tape contains no explanations but there
is more to be learnt here than from dozens of "here's the trick and here's
the explanation" videos.

I had a bunch of magicians around last night. They were all
enthralled and enthusiastic. And all leaning towards the TV
so's not to miss anything.

This is an unsolicited recommendation coming from the rare joy of finding an entertaining magic video.
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