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Postby Steve Bryant » 06/04/02 02:50 PM

Here's the ad copy for the latest Blaine cash in (called Three Secrets Revealed):

"Did you see the David Blaine specials? Here is a new booklet with three great tricks. Just like David Blaine did on TV
Death & Resurrection - In this routine, a dead fly is brought back to life. The trick goes all the way back to Blackstone Sr., and the secret was only exposed to a few people. The original routine, however, used a different method that isn't practical today.
The UnCanny - Another oldie, but not quite as ancient. An empty beer or soda can refills itself. It's perfect for all occasions, particularly as an interlude while on stage (having something to drink while performing is commonplace).
Holy BIC! The Vanishing Pen - A pen is used to sign your name on a piece of a paper, placed on the page, wadded up and thrown away. The pen has vanished. These are great tricks. And the price is way too low!
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Postby Guest » 06/04/02 11:54 PM

This thing is a tragic, TRAGIC waste of paper pulp. There is not ONE thing worthy of your money in this rip-off of a booklet. If you want to spend ten dollars on a booklet I suggest that you buy J.C. Wagner's 7 Secrets (you get 4 more secrets anyway) or Louis Falanga's WONDERFUL Lake Tahoe Card Magic. But, whatever you do, DO NOT buy this awful thing.

Postby Guest » 06/05/02 01:03 AM

I agree David. I saw this manuscript today at the shop and thought about kicking some a**! No i am just kidding. But the author, Stephan Kippler or something like that, states that he "is not a magician" and thought he would "cash in" on the Blaine phenomenon! What a jerk! By the way, "Uncanny" is the Moden version of re-healing an empty can.

Postby Guest » 06/05/02 01:23 PM

Several popular dealers are still advertising this unethical, valueless piece of rubbish. I applaud Magicsmith for pulling the item immediately after they learned that it was a ripoff.

Postby Guest » 06/05/02 01:30 PM

The ONLY merit that I can see this thing having, is that it shows us what a BAD magic product REALLY is! While I have pulled it off of my shelves, I think that people should still see what a TRUE rip-off product is.

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