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Postby Guest » 10/24/02 04:21 PM

Hello Conjurers!

For those of you who have taken advantage of the FREE video downloads at the Ron Bauer Private Studies web site,, there are six more available! This makes a total of 32 FREE downloadable videos! There are anywhere from two to four videos for each Performance Script along with sample pages from the books. This will complete twelve out of the twenty-four Performance Scripts which means there are many more to come! The advantages of these videos are so you can see what the "move" is supposed to look like. It's a GREAT teaching tool for those who are serious about Learning To Think Like A Conjurer! They can be viewed beginning at this link: ... gefour.htm

If you haven't signed up to be on the mailing list, you're missing out on promotions, updates and special deals to those who've opted in. There's much more to come!


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