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Postby Mike Heidtman » 04/08/11 09:30 AM


IBM Ring 334, The Grand Strand Magicians Society, Myrtle Beach, SC, USA, played host to Wayne Houchin and his wife, Fran, at our meeting Thursday night, April 4, 2011 at the Magic Loft. Fran presented the merchandise table in the lounge while in the lecture room Wayne performed and presented many of his unique effects and methods. With his friendly, smooth and polished presence he owned the room for the next couple of hours. Many members came up to me and mentioned that this was the best lecture/workshop they had ever seen. I trust they told Wayne and Fran that, too I did. Highly recommended.

Mike Heidtman
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Postby coinmonsta » 04/20/11 11:24 PM

we had a similiar experience at IBM Ring 216 in SJ, CA. Wayne lectured for us in March and it was our highest turn out for a lecture event in years. Highly recommended.

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