George Murray's Linking Rubber Bands

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Postby Pete McCabe » 04/27/04 02:34 PM

In the May, 1992 issue of Genii there is a review of "George Murray's Linking Rubber Bands", which ends with two connected bands that "can be handed to any spectator, even one armed with a microscope. No cuts of joins will be found..."

Is this still available? A google search produced nothing whatsoever. Any information will be appreciated.

Pete McCabe
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Postby David Regal » 04/27/04 04:56 PM

I had a set or two of these - maybe I still do. I recall selling a set at a swap meet. The linked rubber bands were truly linked. No cuts, joins, etc., just a mysterious object made by a secret manufacturing process. I believe they came with a little clear zip lock bag that was also a forcing bag.
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