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Postby Steve Cobb » 04/07/11 08:44 PM

Did anyone catch last week's The Mentalist? On one of the last scenes Patrick Jane is showing the Coroner who unfortunately is in his last minute of his life a coin trick. Patrick is telling him to watch the coin and he makes it disappear with one hand a couple of times. He does it with one hand only. I wanted to watch it again but unfortunately the wife deleted it from the DVR. Not sure if he was doing the Ramsey subtley (sic) or not. Does anyone know? He has done a few tricks on the show over the past few years. Its a great show.
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Postby Curtis Kam » 04/07/11 10:31 PM

Don't know about the coin trick, because I haven't watched it yet, but if you're looking to see the episode again, try: ... p?season=3
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/07/11 10:51 PM

in answer to your question - movie magic - angles chosen for the shots like the way they show conversations.
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