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Postby Guest » 03/11/03 05:21 AM

I am looking for the best card to wallet wallet for, among others, a routine involving a borrowed credit card ending up in it. I am not interested in easier versions (no palm, self-working, and so on). I would just like to buy a wallet I will be sure to use.

I am intrigued by the Barry Price wallet, the BKM wallet and Randy's Wakeman the Expert Card to Wallet. I prefer to pay a bit more if I am assured to get quality.

Let me know what you would recommend.


Postby sleightly » 03/11/03 05:41 AM

You can make no finer acquisition (that you will use) than the Wakeman wallet.

I have used mine for years now without hitch through thousands of performances and it looks and feels like what it is, a luxurious, yet practical friend (and one who will never betray me).

Don't waste your time looking at any others.

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Postby Guest » 03/11/03 05:55 AM

I don't know the Wakeman wallet, so I can't disagree, yet the "Fred Kaps Wallet" I've been using for quite a while now proved to be worth the money.

Postby Ian Kendall » 03/11/03 06:36 AM


I'd have to recommend the Jerry O'Connell wallets, which come in all shapes and sizes. I believe his page is called

but a search on google will find him.

Having said that, everyone will recommend the wallet _they_ use to the exclusion of all others. Have a look at the the features of those available and pick the one that suits you.

Take care, Ian
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Postby Sean Macfarlane » 03/11/03 07:53 AM

R.Paul Wilson has a new wallet on the market that I am intrigued by. I haven't seen any photos yet.

The size of the wallet is important to me. I would like to find one that looks like the designer wallets that are being sold today. Usually they measure about 3 3/4" to about 6 3/4".

Mr. Wilsons wallet is 4"x7" which is pretty close to my requirements. My Alligator wallet that I have is 4 1/2" x 7 1/2\" which is too big for my liking. That's why I'm selling it.
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Postby Guest » 03/11/03 08:24 AM

Steve Draun has a great wallet out that is called the "Real Man's Wallet". I have used it all the time and it is great. It looks/feels just like a normal everyday hip style wallet, hence the name "Real Man's Wallet"

Postby Jakob Rasmussen » 03/11/03 12:50 PM

My best advice is to go and find a nice ungaffed wallet that suits your self.

I have made up a Balducci wallet that way, using my own check book to guide the palmed card.

So even if your guide is hanging about 1/2 inch. out of the wallet, it fly rigth bye people, because this is happening all the time for them self.

It is also possible to get a very nice wallet for half the price of a gaffed one.


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Postby George Olson » 03/11/03 08:00 PM

I have used my Jerry O'connel wallet every night for almost six years! It never fails!
In it I carry two packet tricks - Steve Dobson's Grandpa trick with three back changes, and a Dai vernon one. Bamboozeld (sp), and Jon racherbaumers bamboozle type effect from Magic a few years ago. I also use three other O'Connel effects and they stand up like iron!
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Postby Charlie Chang » 03/12/03 01:49 AM

The wallet I sell is by the remarkable Juan Escolano of Spain. It is one of the finest products I have used and comes in two styles.

One is a Kaps/Balducci style made in beautiful soft leather. It looks and feels like a high quality item because it is exactly that. The workmanship on it puts many other wallets to shame. The size is just right - not too big or too small - it looks exactly like a quality breast wallet.

The other style is unique to Mr Escolano. It too is beautifully made and loads like an O'Connell wallet from the rear with LePaul style flaps on the inside that can feed into an envelope. the wallet comes with a zippered business card case that fits snugly inside the wallet and can receive a poker sized card via the flaps - so you dont even need to buy envelopes!

Both wallets are very reasonably priced at Denny and Lee's, the ONLY supplier in the US. you would pay more for an ungaffed wallet of similar quality in Macy's.
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Postby Ian Kendall » 03/12/03 03:11 AM


Is that the wallet you use on the Three Card Monte video?

Take care, Ian
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Postby Charlie Chang » 03/12/03 08:02 AM

The Wallet I used in that video was Whit Haydn's Matthews wallet in Alligator Skin. I have owned the exact same wallet for about five years. It's excellent but a little large (perfect for the effect I bought it for).

I use and carry the Escolano Kaps/Balducci wallet all the time. I can't recommend it enough.
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Postby Chris Bailey » 03/12/03 11:53 AM

There's no picture of either wallet at Denny's site. I'm finicky about buying stuff unseen. Do you have a photo elsewhere?
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Postby C. Hampton » 03/12/03 08:34 PM

I can get a few Escolano wallets.
If interested I can also provide a picture, and a deal that you should not pass.

Only limited quantities.

E-mail me directly at
Carlos Hampton
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Postby Guest » 03/13/03 03:35 AM

I have only ever used the Real Man's Wallet but I would certainly recomment it. Aside from the "magical" properties it possesses, it is a very nice wallet for everyday use and doesn`t cost too much at all.

In the case of having a credit card appear in it, this wallet may be very appropriate considering the load is behind a cellophane window where you might expect to keep cretid cards.

Maybe some of the other wallets sport this feature too, I'm so satisfied with the Draun wallet that I have felt no need to try any others :)

Postby Thomas Van Aken » 03/13/03 05:30 AM

Is it possible to purchase The Escolano wallet directly fromyou ? Or from European dealers ?
Thanks in advance and best regards
Thomas Van Aken
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Postby Sean Macfarlane » 04/08/03 10:44 AM

I recieved my Kaps/Balducci wallet last week, and I have to say that it's absolutely the best wallet I have seen on the Market, I have a Matthews wallet in Alligator, and a good friend of mine has the Wakeman wallet. This wallet outclasses them in every way.

It looks like a designer wallet. Get one!

Sean Macfarlane
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Postby Gene B » 04/09/03 04:41 PM

I am looking for a Himber style wallet that has a flap that snaps at the top end. (Hope that's clear?) Any of you know a source??

Gene B
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Postby Ian Kendall » 04/10/03 12:30 AM


Jerry O'Connell used to make bespoke wallets to order. You might want to have a chat with him...

Take care, Ian
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Postby Guest » 04/10/03 01:22 AM


Postby Guest » 04/10/03 07:47 AM

Originally posted by Snatch:
I recieved my Kaps/Balducci wallet last week....
Made by who?



Postby Sean Macfarlane » 04/10/03 08:23 AM

Juan Escolano from Spain. They are available from Denny and Lee or from Carlos Hampton. He has posted on this thread.

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Postby Guest » 04/10/03 09:27 AM

Never let us rest
Until the good get better
And the better get best!

There are lots of good wallets out there,
but the best has got to be the Barry Price wallet. This wallet is expensive (around $250), yet it is made to last [Barry Price has been using his for twenty years!]. The construction and materials are superb; and there are guides to get the card into the envelope as well as a unique way of keeping the wallet open wide enough for a foolproof way of getting the card in to the wallet. The zipper is top notch and the appearance of the wallet is very classy.

Postby Guest » 04/30/03 09:30 AM

Can anyone tell me more about the Wakeman wallet and where I can purchase it? It's a Kap/Balducci wallet? Or does anyone have Randy Wakeman's email or website address? Also, are there any pictures of this wallet on the web?

Postby Robert Kane » 04/30/03 09:43 AM

The Randy Wakeman "Card to Wallet" Wallet is available Stevens Magic Emporium. I think Randy's wallet is one of the easiet to use and it looks relatively normal in comparison to a lot of other magic wallets. I love mine!

It is Kaps/Balducci/Le Paul-style but with a nice touch that makes loading a more confident process.

By the way, Mark Burger's Hip Himber, Double Kaps Wallet is also wonderful. I use it as my "everyday" regular wallet. This wallet was a real hit at the recent World Magic Seminar.

The Himber/Al Cohen Shogun principle in this wallet is deceptive and very useful. Another killer and worth the bucks. Availble from or from Steven Magic Emporium. :)
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Postby Guest » 05/30/03 02:24 PM

I would also like to mention Drauns "real mans wallet". I use it almost daily.
It depends on your style as to whether you'd find this aesthetically suitable for the work you do but functionally it suits any occasion.

Postby Guest » 05/31/03 04:22 AM

I use the Mullica wallett as a closer at just about every table or group I work. It is a little large, but I carry colour Monte, Flash cash a few cards for Card warp, ("this is the last thing we magicians do with old worn out cards, lets them go out in a Blaze of Glory")and any other odds and sods in it. So by the time I get to Card in Wallet, they are used to seeing it and it obviously has to be the size it is to get all of it in.



Postby Seth Kramer » 06/01/03 03:19 PM

I have been using the Kaps/Balducci wallet offered as part of the Ken Brooke Range from Stevens magic. I have had mine for more than 15 years and have used it more than10,000 times (if you doubt that, ask anyone who knows me). I still use that very wallet to this day and it looks and works nearly as good as when I got it.

R.P. Wilson showed me the Juan Escolano wallets at the Desert Magic Seminar in January and I must say I was very impressed with the quality of that product as well. They are extremely well made, good looking and offer a very fast load in (very important). Stick with these two, you'll find what you need.
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