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Postby Guest » 09/05/01 07:35 PM

I would like to open up a discussion in the forum on the new trick by Bazar De Magia called "Futour". Basically I would like to find out more about the trick. For example if it has been reviewed already by someone, I haven't seen it reviewed in "Genii" or "Magic". And if the trick can damage the spectator's watch.

Postby Guest » 09/17/01 02:10 PM

I have Futour. It is amazing. You set you watch on the card box and the watch starts spinning like crazy. The card box needs to be on a soft surface, otherwise it can make a tiny hum. No, it can't damage the watch. I had to return one because it wouldn't work all the time. Still, highly recommended.

Postby Guest » 09/21/01 01:42 PM

Hello Mike,
I heard that the success of Futour working depends upon the thickness of the watch. Do you find the thickness makes a difference?


Postby Guest » 09/21/01 03:32 PM

I found that the thicker the watch, the slower it spins, but all Quartz watches seem to work. They do have to be quartz, which most are.

Postby Guest » 09/30/01 05:27 PM

Hello Mike,
Can you perform "Futour" as a surrounded stand up trick?



Postby Guest » 10/04/01 05:46 PM

After reading the effect my little monkey brain started whirling and I figured that you could do the same effect using Steve Shaw's Psychokinetic Time effect. Hmmm...

Ben S.

Postby Jeff Haas » 10/04/01 06:20 PM

You could do Futour surrounded, but you really need to set the card box (or other place that conceals the gizmo) on a table, and then set the watch on top of it. If you're in a strolling situation with no table, it won't seem natural. If you have a small table with a couple of props on it, then it would work fine.

You can do a similar effect with PK Time, but it's not exactly the same.
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Postby Guest » 10/05/01 11:03 AM

After you perform Steve Shaw's Psychokinetic Time, the spectator will back track the performance and remember that the magician touched the watch. It is my understanding that when you perform "futour", you never touch the watch, and that is what the spectator will remember. And in my opinion that makes a big difference.

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