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Postby Bill Cushman » 08/01/03 08:40 PM


Keith Lack has exceeded all expectations with Key Melt. He is way too modest in the ad at his site for this wonderful product.

First of all, he stated that you rub the shaft of the key before it bends. This is a choice, you don't have to do this at all. You simply hold the key by the crown and it starts to bend, totally under your control, slow, fast, however you want. You can finish with the bend at a full 90 degrees.

Second, Keith states in the ad that it looks like it is melting. What an understatement! For all intents and purposes, the key IS melting right in front of the audience's eyes.

I did this recently with the audience inches away. They were literally stunned. "Scary," was the most often heard response.

Even when I tipped the secret to a few of the magi present (sorry, Keith, but don't worry) it only increased their desire to own this great gimmick. Some people might worry because they weren't 100% satisfied with the Silver Shifter (I wasn't one of them, I'll admit) and this does PARTIALLY use the same technology. But it is only the beginning. Where Silver Shifter left off, Key Melt begins. Side by side with a real key, there is no way anyone can tell the difference.

There are a couple of switches involved that will take some work. They are well within the range of even a beginner at slight of hand, but I wanted it to look perfect before I did it live and I figured I had at least a week of liesurely practice ahead of me.

Then I called Keith to compliment him and ask a question or two. He directed me to his website and a new routine by Devin Knight that is posted there. Your Key Melt comes with a prop that isn't mentioned in the directions and that was one of the reasons I was calling. Devin's routine, which Keith didn't get in time to put into the instructions, requires the prop so Keith generously included it and put the routine on his site.

With this routine a child could learn the dirty in a matter of hours. Not only that, but the routine is just inherently attention grabbing. It takes Key Melt out of the category of pure mentalism but it is still pure entertainment. With just a couple of days getting the script down, I melted minds.

Now, I'm the first to bristle at the "perform it in minutes" attitude that occurs so often in dealer ads. And I only performed it at an after hours meeting at a magic shop because I wanted to make sure it was as strong as I percieved. I will still be working on the "final cut" that I will use to fry laymen for a few weeks before I break it out, but that is only because I know I always regret it when I don't give an effect, no matter how simple, at least this much time before doing it for the uninitiated. I just don't want anyone scared off because Key Melt, in its original form, requires some slights. As with any effect,the real work is in time spent making it your own.

Also, Keith told me to make a simple alteration to the prop that only occured to him recently that even makes it more deceptive. I don't like to mess with props but this is as simple as a single snip of your scissors. I'm sure he'll put it on the site too, because he is just that kind of guy.

I know it sounds like I'm over the top on this one but once you get your hands on Key Melt I guarantee you will feel the same way. It is like a movie special effect but it happens right in your hands. I love Just Passing Thru for the same reason but this is even stronger in terms of the visual that occurs.

OK, I'm done. Just go get this.
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Postby Guest » 08/30/03 10:13 AM

Where can I get this miracle?

Postby Bill Cushman » 08/30/03 02:13 PM

You can purchase it Tell Keith Bill sent you. As long as we are on the topic, let me share the following:

I was talking with Keith about a more mentalist friendly handling for Key Melt. One that has more mentalism flavor, less magic. He gave me permission to share the following. This is the simplest, and as is often the case, best handling for Key Melt yet. No more nasty switches.

Start with your left hand, palm up. The real bent key rests flat on your fingers, the bent portion inserted between your first and second finger. From the top, it looks like you are holding a key crown. To conceal this situation, two or three real unbent keys lie on top. The gimmicked key rests on top of all (as per the suggestion on Keith's website, all the extra plastic has been clipped off so you can freely show and handle the key). You can also have it second from the top. I'm still working out which is better.

You can loosely close your fingers around all. You can shake the keys with your hand open, giving the impression, via the jangling, that all are solid.

Take the gimmicked key with your right finger and thumb and perform the bend. When it is bent to 90 degrees, simply place it in your left hand as your left fingers briefly close and release the real bent key. Your hand is only closed for an instant as you jangle the keys again. When opened, the gimmick is on the bottom, the real keys are on top of the gimmick and the bent key rests on top of all.

This looks best, from my experimentation, if done as you first show the key (while still bent in your right hand) to participants on your right, then place it in your left hand to show folks on the left and allow someone on that side to pick up the bent key. The switch is done simply and smoothly as your left hand moves to offer the key to someone on your left side.

In my impression, this handling is far superior to anything in the instructions. I love the look of the key as it bends but wasn't satisfied with any of the previous handlings as they were too "magicky." This version is straightforward. You have a handful of keys. You pick one up. It eerily bends and you hand it to someone to check out. I wish I could say it was mine but credit goes to Paul Harris.
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