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Postby Lisa Cousins » 12/28/04 02:17 PM

I know that many of you buy David Acer products strictly for the laughs and never really spend time on the magic, but you really should and I'll tell you why. At the base of nearly everything David Acer devises is a solid magic principle which can be adapted in a thousand ways. First you get the entertainment value of his uniquely playful interpretation of whatever-it-is, and then you ... get busy.

In the interest of weeding out that undesirable element who are only in it for the comedy, I decided to take every amusing passage in his latest book (Random Acts of Magic) and post it right here, so that only true students of magic will buy the book. While I know that David would appreciate this very deeply ("I don't even WANT those people's money," he huffed to me - and believe me, a huffy David Acer is a very imposing and intimidating object), I'm afraid I just can't find the time due to (inaudibly mumbled excuse).
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Postby David Acer » 12/29/04 08:22 AM

Lisa, I must say, that's truly (inaudibly mumbled comment).
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Postby Matthew Field » 12/29/04 09:17 AM

David, you must learn to enunciate more clearly.

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Postby Sam Kesler » 12/29/04 02:24 PM

All seriousness aside, David was kind enough to autograph Random Acts for me. I look forward to ignoring my beautiful wife this holiday and spend quality time with a funny-looking magic geek from Canada (yeah, right!). I especially want to check out his card trick "Changes" in the book. According to his post elsewhere, he feels it's one of his five best published effects.

I look forward to meeting David some day soon, the day he decides to return to the den of decadence known as Los Angeles. When are you appearing at the Castle again, David?

Wishing all a healthy and prosperous New Year.
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