Chicago Tribune story - Magic and Medicine

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Postby The Slow One » 03/07/11 11:35 PM

Interesting story on how one Northwestern University medical school instructor inserted magic into the study of doctor/patient relationships.

Tribune Story
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/08/11 01:00 AM

There's a man who understands magic and what it means to people.
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 03/08/11 01:27 AM

And his story is wonderfully told by the writer, Dawn Turner Trice.
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Postby Richard Hatch » 03/08/11 03:13 AM

Ricardo is a thoughtful student of Eugene Burger, and has brought in Max Maven to lecture his students. Makes me want to study medicine in Chicago!
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Postby erdnasephile » 03/08/11 01:17 PM

I applaud what Dr. Rosenkranz is doing, as patient rapport is critcial to getting people well.

However, I can't help but note another parallel between magic and medicine.

That is, current trends in medical education can sometimes result in an overemphasis of stuff over substance in the minds of some of today's medical students (and educators).

For example: "Who cares if I don't do a precise cardiovascular exam--that's what echocardiograms are for." or "Why should I know drug indications and dosages--I'll just look them up when I need them." The attitude seems to be: as long as I'm nice, it'll cover up a multitude of sins (and the barely competent).

This is the medical equivalent of: "It gets by."

As in magic, medicine really works when true skill and expert knowledge is combined with terrific interpersonal skills.

But the cruel bottom line is: You gotta have chops to do justice to your audience (and patients!).
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