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Postby Ryan Matney » 04/05/03 04:37 PM

I just recieved my copy of Duffie and Robertson's Card Conspiracy Vol. 1 and I have to say I'm thrilled. This is defintly the best book of card magic to be released in years and cause for celebration since the book's future was in doubt for some time. It lives up to my expectations.

There is a great new Biddle Force with several tricks.
A barrel of ideas with the very uderused Allerton control.
Even new tricks with standard sleights like Daryl's Diminishing Count and the Gemini Count. And, in my opinion, hidden in the book is the best signature transposition ever devised. Luckily it's also easy as pie.

For those of you that are facinated by the Gilbreath principle, the tricks using it that are included in this book are among the most mind boggling ever devised. Combine this with the tricks using the Hummer principle and you have sure magician foolers that will also entertain laymen. Lots of real gems and none that will break your fingers.

These are tricks that clearly have a lot of thought and care behind them unlike much of what has been released recently. If you want fresh plots and crisp new methods with thinking that may often make you smile to yourself with pleasure, this is the book for you.

The highest recommendation from me.

Avialible from your favorite dealer.
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Postby Ryan Matney » 04/09/03 12:34 PM

You may now purchase copies directly from the authors at:

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Postby Matthew Field » 04/10/03 06:08 AM

This book was a l-o-o-o-n-g time in the making. I edited it (uncredited, but take my word).

I'd like to point out a little gem in this book -- the Goodwin/Bruce Force, independently invented by these two cardmen.

It's easy to do and a real fooler.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Guest » 04/17/03 06:40 PM

I just received this new book of Peter Duffie and Robin Robertson yesterday. What could I say, this is excellent material!!!
As they said in the preface of the book: Two extremes of magic might be self working tricks(as if there actually was any such thing), and tricks where a large amount of skill is required (hopefully to accomplish somehting great).

Materials in this book, is within an area in between, where a small amount of skill or preparation leads to a great deal of effect.

They have in-depth exploration on Gilbreath Principle and Hummer Principle [CATO] in the book, which worth many times the money of the book to serious cardicians.

Furthermore,you will see how one move or one principle applied in different ways, how they making a new trick and making a trick new.

Another feature of this book is that: many of the underused moves were explained and sufficed with top notch routines. It is often said that very old things are actually new things to us, and this book proved the statement. The materials in the book revitalize some rarely seen moves, and the best thing is that,routines using these moves are very commercial!!!

Black Jacks and Black Jack: excellent twist on the Dr. Daley's Last Trick, I am sure that you will use it instantly in your performance!

Little Arrows: Pack Small and Plays Huge! It's a perfect show piece!

Highly Visible: As the name suggested, highly visual move!

The book contains something for everyone, and all of routines are within the reach of intermediate cardmen.

Highest recommandation!


Postby Guest » 04/17/03 07:33 PM

Thanks everyone...can we have some more details of "Little Arrows"?

Postby Guest » 04/17/03 09:18 PM

In chapter 8 Fake & Unusual:

Effect of Little Arrows:

A spectator is given seven cards/envelopes, each with an arrow on its back. All seven arrows point towards the performer. The spectator thinks of any numbber and uses that number to turn six of the arrows so they point towards him. When he turn these six cards over they all say,"Lose!" The only arrrow he didn't turn has "$100" printed on it.

Lot of spectator participation and very interesting theme/presentation, basically no works at magician's part.

hope this helps,

Postby David Penn » 05/24/03 09:57 AM

On what page can I find the Bruce/Goodwin force?
David Penn
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Postby Temperance » 05/24/03 10:00 AM

There's an index you know :)

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Postby pduffie » 05/24/03 10:33 AM

The index will be at the end of Vol.2

The Bruce/Goodwin force is under the name GB Switch (Chapter 11).


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Postby Brad Jeffers » 05/24/03 03:21 PM

Peter, someone showed me a trick where the spectator cuts the deck into four piles, the top card of each pile is rubbed between two X cards and one by one, shown to be the four aces. He attributed this trick to you. In which of your books is this effect published?
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Postby pduffie » 05/25/03 01:40 AM

Hi Brad

It's called "When Random Cards Collide" and can be found in Effortless Card Magic, page 19.

Best Wishes

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Postby Guest » 06/14/03 03:40 PM

I purchased a copy this morning and I would just like to echo the above praises of this fine volume. If you ever thought the Bert Allerton Control or the Kelly Bottom Placement were "iffy" then you will find the solutions in this book. Also tons of workable material that will make you think "why the hell didn't I think of that" contained within.
I am in no way connected or know Duffie or Robertson, just want fellow card workers to get a good buzz.
Take care all

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