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Postby Tim Trono » 12/13/02 11:38 PM

I just wanted to let you know about 2 new products that Murphys will be distributing that I am VERY excited about. In addition I want to pass on some thoughts about other products that are out or will soon be out and should be watched for.

The first is a DVD created and released by Richard Sanders entitled Slow Burn. This DVD concentrates on a FABULOUS handling Richard has devised for the classic Pat Page Paper to Bills effect as popularized by Fred Kaps (and later entitled Easy Money). The effect is that four bills are cleanly shown one at a time on both sides. The magician lays them down on his left palm without bending or folding them in any way. He then shows his right hand empty, turns it palm down, and waves it slowly over the bills, causing them to change into four different bills. The bills are again shown cleanly, one at a time on both sides. When I first saw a video clip of this some time ago I immediately told Richard it was THE BEST handling Ive ever seen for this classic effect. The change looks eerie. With Richards handling it almost appears that you SEE the bills change slowly and gradually as your right hand waves over them. This is something I will USE. It looks VERY VERY good and is very practical. The DVD is shipping to us now from Richard and will be available from your favorite dealer soon. You can check out to see a clip of this and to see how good it looks.

Second, we just received and will be distributing a booklet detailing an effect called Hypno-Bill. This is an almost trick photography looking change of a single bill. The manuscript thoroughly explains every detail and includes photos that take you step by step. In effect, you take out a bill and cleanly show it both sides. The bill is folded in half and you wave your hand over it and it visibly changes. Again, when I first saw the clip of this I immediately contacted the creator and expressed our interest in distributing the instructional booklet as I felt so strongly about this item. Check out the clip when the ad appears on Murphys site at The methodology is very interesting and makes it almost as fun to do as it is to watch.

I think both of these items are FABULOUS and I will USE both. The changes look incredible like you are doing real magic. DO NOT MISS EITHER OF THESE. I am proud that Murphys is distributing these as I consider them such great products.

In addition, I would STRONGLY recommend a few other items I recently received:

- The new Darwin Ortiz book Scams & Fantasies with Cards published by A-1 MultiMedia. Great great material, great production, great thoughts. This is a book you wont be able to put down.

- The new shells just released by Andrew Pinard and entitled La Maggiore. These are BEAUTIFUL and the best shells Ive ever seen period. The pictures I saw in no way do them justice. They are much bigger than a normal shell. Andrew has received raves about these from the few people he has sent these to including Bob Kohler, Bob Sheets, Gazzo, etc.

- The recent Daryl DVDs by L&L entitled Fooler Doolers. There are some fabulous items on these. Many of the items are classics but Daryl has added his usual insight into the handlings, presentations, etc. so that as I watched the various items I just kept thinking brilliant. This set of DVDs was one of my best buys of 2002.

- The 3 card effects created by Gordon Bean and released by Gordon Bean and Larry Horowitz Magic Lab (i.e. New Limited Edition, Temptation, and Joker Joker). Dont pass these up because they are packet effects these are VERY strong. I spent a lot of time with Gordon while visiting LA and saw many changes and much streamlining on Temptation. Gordon has honed this down to a truly beautiful effect. Limited Edition is an all time great and in the new release Gordon gives his revamped routine as well as several others including routines from Burger and Maven. I saw and learned Eugenes handling of this some time ago dont miss it. It makes the effect crystal clear and provides a one two punch. Also, make sure you dont overlook the Open Prediction (The Los Angeles Prediction) which is included as a bonus in Joker Joker the spectator seems to do everything and it is so so good.

Here are a few other items you should watch for that are not out yet:

- Paul Harris Reality Twister the ads are out and were waiting for the item to arrive from the manufacturer. Check your favorite dealer soon and DONT pass this by. It is really fun and easy to do and looks sssoooo cool. Paul and I had discussed this for some time and it was cool to see the reaction of magicians Paul performed it for at the national IBM convention in San Diego. Everyone said how do I get that. Its like trick photography on the spectators hand. It is so cool to watch. Also Paul has some really great items coming out. The next one will be out late February or early March and is SO good THE perfect opener or ice breaker period.

- Bob Kohler is finishing up the Shoot Ogawa Ninja Ring DVD. I saw this while visiting with Bob in Vegas and have seen Shoot do this a number of times. The DVD goes into painstaking detail and is GREAT. Shoots routine is THE best. If you saw Shoot do this youd want it. Kohler has some amazing things in store for us all absolute top of the line. Bobs Black Envelope DVD continues to be a best seller and should not be missed. Bob is working very closely with Shoot and has more in store from Shoot. If you have not seen Shoot I can assure you that he will FRY you. Congratulations to Shoot BTW for his recent win of the Ron MacMillan International Magic contest.

- Bill Goldman has a book that Murphys will be distributing on performing. There is NO fluff here. Bill is one of the top trade show performers and is incredibly entertaining and just kills with his performances. Bill has laid out all of the important points and this is a really terrific resource that will make your performances better. Its not a huge book but is PACKED full of the BEST advice and thoughts on performing by a guy who really knows.

- Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti are teaming up to put out some fabulous books and effects by Richard Osterlind. Richard is a brilliant creator and performer and you do NOT want to miss anything with his name on it. Richard creates some of the best mentalism and magic I have ever seen. Keep your eyes open for releases by Sisti and Osterlind. The first, The Very Modern Mindreader and Other Miracles by Richard Osterlind just came out and I cant put it down brilliant.

I get a lot of questions about what is coming out onto the market, what is good and worth getting, etc. so Ill try to periodically keep you updated on some of the more noteworthy items.

I hope this helps.

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