What's this move called?

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Postby Doc Dixon » 02/18/11 03:55 PM

What this move looks like: The top half of the deck is lifted up. The bottom card of the top half is shown. The top half is replaced.
What happens: the shown card is controlled to the bottom of the deck.
How it happens: as the top half is brought face down the bottom (glimpsed) card is glided to the right about a 1/4 inch by the right fingertips. The right pinky now contacts the corner of the protruding selection and buckles it inward. The top half approaches the bottom half from the back and the the bottom half goes between the top half and the selection.

It's similar to the Kelly Bottom Replacement, but the card is buckled, not levered and the top half approaches the bottom half from the opposite direction.

I'm looking for the move's name, creator and where it is published.

If this helps, I'm pretty sure a variation of this move was in Best of Friends #1, but I don't have my copy handy at the moment. If someone does have a copy handy, I'd appreciate a look up. If memory serves me right, Harry Lorayne's variation placed the card second from the bottom.

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Postby Bob Farmer » 02/18/11 04:37 PM


That sounds like, The Elliott Control (pp. 122-125)THE BEST IN MAGIC by Bruce Elliott. I think it may also be in THE PHOENIX.

Also, I forget the reference, but Larry Jennings had a take on the Kelly Bottom Placement that (I think) involved a pull down of the card to be delivered to the bottom of the deck. I worked out an easier way of doing this using my forefinger the buckle the card and a sneaky way of ensuring a smooth replacement.
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Postby Doc Dixon » 02/18/11 05:16 PM

That's it! Elliott's name was one of the two or three that kept bouncing around my head. Thank you very much.
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