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Postby Guest » 05/23/02 09:17 PM

Hey everyone-

I just have to tell you about a KILLER new card effect from Bob Farmer and Gerald Kerchner. It is The Bammo Card Wollaper. I am using it as my finale in my card act. Go to to learn the effect. Trust me!!!!! You WILL want this one! :eek:

Postby Bob Farmer » 06/05/02 09:38 AM

Thank you David -- yes The Bammo Card Walloper has been unleashed and is in magic stores now. A full-page ad full of pompus hyperbole will appear in the July Genii.

Already, I have variations on hand from myself, my co-conspirator, Gerald Kirchner, Roy Walton and one very cool presentation that Mike Close cooked up.

If anyone has a Bammo, e-mail me and I'll e-mail updates on presentations, ideas, etc.

The new (easy) move, the Bammo Invertolator, explained in the instructions, will be featured in an upcoming Genii with several variations.

Personally, I had to stop doing the trick because so many laymen were caling with requests for other miracles (e.g., raising the dead, making the sun vanish, and giving DAvid Blaine a personality).
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 06/05/02 05:42 PM

A really swift move, the Bammo Card Invertolator, which is a method for doing a Tabled Turnover Pass that anyone can master in 10 minutes (and is used in "The Bammo Card Walloper") appears in either the June or July "Magicana" in Genii. (Since I'm already working on September and October, I can't remember which!
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