30th Austin Magic Auction

Where local magicians eat, meet, and greet.

Postby opie » 02/16/11 09:56 AM

Check it out: http://austinmagicauction.com/

If you know that our auction is the greatest day of magic demonstrations and silent-auction browsing in the world, make arrangement to come down now.

If you have not attended an Austin Magic Auction (or any magic function), plan to do so now.... Browse through the links on our web and plan to get the best ten buck bargain ever--Admission, buyer's card, seller's card, free snacks/food. We've got it all!!!!

Go ahead, click and look: http://austinmagicauction.com/

See you there...........opie
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Postby opie » 03/07/11 10:53 AM

Here is an update on the World Famous Austin Magic Auction. Check out the "stage" items and the book lists.....

Take a look at some of the items that will be demonstrated at the World Famous Austin Magic Auction. Items are still coming in, and we expect at least 1500 items for the silent auction. But the real thrill in Austin is to be able to sit for five or six hours and see all the wonderful items demonstrated by top-notch magic demonstrators. Plan a couple of days in Austin. Check the web for lodging, etc. -
http://austinmagicauction.com/photos/20 ... .html&#160

If you wish to sell items, you need to submit them before 27 March.....Particulars on the web.

Come on down!!!!...........opie
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Postby Scott Wells » 04/20/11 03:37 PM

In case you missed it (and even if you were there), you can hear a five minute recap of the successful auction recorded on stage immediately after the last item was sold. I think youll enjoy the few minutes spent hearing Scotts Spotcast at: http://bit.ly/gtmBfo Hear what went for the highest bid, how many people attended, Marcoms memorabilia, andwell, what are you waiting for? Go listen now!
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