Tom Daugherty's "Apocalypse Series"

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Postby Guest » 12/01/02 12:16 AM

I was reading the April 1994 issue of "The Linking Ring" earlier today and came across an advertisement for Tom Daugherty's "Apocalypse Series". Can anyone shed some light on the format and content of the "Apocalypse Series"?

Postby Matthew Field » 12/03/02 10:35 AM

John -- Since no one has replied to your question, I'll jump in.

I bought a few of the individual manuscripts in this series, which I quite enjoyed. Not groundbreaking stuff, but enjoyable, as I recollect. (I'm packed for a move so I can't check.)

I saw Tom advertising the entire series at what I considered a high price, so I can't comment further.

Sorry for the sketchy response.

Matt Field
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Postby Guest » 12/04/02 03:06 AM


Thanks for the reply.



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