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Postby CharmingCheat » 02/15/11 12:08 AM

A recent endeavor of mine has been to strengthen my ability as a cold reader.

Its a topic Ive known of for a while and even did a little experimenting a couple of years back. I can give a cursory reading and get reactions but nothing to spectacular.

Ive read most of Kneppers Work on the subject, I recently read Craig Browning work along with Herb Dewey's. Ive never used a tool before (oracle as they are called in Craig's book) Such as tarot, palmistry, runes, or numerology. I cannot find a way to make them mesh with my preforming character. I have always went the route of claiming psychology and giving explanations in the realm of there posture facial expressions etc.

Ok now my question.

from what I understood from specifically Herb Dewey's book is that by indivuating the reading to the person through use of something like there birthday, the numbers formed by there name, or there shuffling the tarot cards. Causes them to perceive the reading as more accurate. Is using the explanation of reading body language accomplishing the same thing? Does body language qualify as an oracle?

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 02/15/11 09:06 AM

When two or more people are in the room they can't not communicate. The notion of oracle is a tool to externalize the thing being read (the person or context) when it serves the reader. It usually does not serve the reader to comment directly on what's being read. There are cultures which use things like yams to permit parties to voice their sentiments without directly antagonizing each other.

Perhaps Brad Henderson and his cohort will have that specific adjugement on Dewey's book if that's most important to you.

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In your opinion is text as telling as posture (Satir) or shifts in language use (Grinder/Bandler) or language frames (Erickson)?

The basic "use this as an oracle" is described pretty well in Bandler's book TranceFormations toward the end as an exercise in rapport skills. After trying that exercise you might find that any item to fuss over would suffice and examples from anthropology/sociology become less mysterious.

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Postby Xavier » 02/15/11 12:26 PM

I've notice all humans are 94% alike one thing that we all feel will apply to almost anyone, especially if you frame it with some outs as knepper teaches. I still love tradecraft and gail sheehy's passages. Those books will catapult you...
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Postby Brad Henderson » 02/15/11 12:31 PM

"Does body language qualify as an oracle? "


I wrote on this in the Dance. It think I called it "using the method as the method." I also demonstrated it at the first mindvention. People find it fascinating and it appeals to those who would often otherwise eschew a lot of the "psychichy stuff."

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Postby CharmingCheat » 02/17/11 06:54 PM

Thanks for the help guys this has helped a lot.

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