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Postby Tim Trono » 12/30/02 04:52 PM

Ron Bauer fans should NOT miss his latest release The Chick Trick. I had discussed this with Ron sometime ago and Murphys will be distributing this and it will be soon available from your favorite dealer. I received a sample today. I immediately thought Ron Bauer has hit yet another home run! This is basically a version of the Ranch Bird that Ron has been doing for quite some time. I have raved here before about the Ron Bauer series (one of my personal best buys of the last several years) and The Chick Trick is in line with the quality of the rest of the series. The production is the normal superior quality instructional booklet written in Rons usual step by step style with all of the nuances and the whys, GREAT illustrations by Sandra Kort, and this includes a cute/funny wind up chick that is perfect for the routine. All of Rons patter is included and you know it's good when you are laughing reading the patter provided. Once again, Ron, Sandra Kort, and John Dowdy have done a fabulous job. Keep your eyes open for this as it will be out soon. Highly recommended.

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