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Postby Steve Bryant » 04/13/05 02:07 PM

I just received Harry Lorayne's The Classic Collection. What a nice whopper of a book. The hundreds of photos are a great addition, the updates are fun to read, and, if you ever owned the originals, you know this book contains some of the greatest card tricks ever put between two covers. Much to enjoy!
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Postby Ryan Matney » 04/14/05 01:45 AM

Steve, what do the updates amount to? Worth it if you have the originals?
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Postby Steve Bryant » 04/14/05 10:15 AM

Tough question. First, I received the book only yesterday, so haven't re-read it entirely. I previously owned only Close-up Card Magic, so much of this book is new to me. The final section of the book contains 16 tricks that are new to everyone. So far (in my reading) the text portion of the updates deals mainly with how a certain trick has played in the past 40 years (as opposed to providing radically new methods). Harry is chatty as usual, and these comments are entertaining. Part of the updates is the addition of credits. (Those I read with some amusement, because, and I say this with absolute affection for Harry and esteem for what he has contributed to making these tricks play, but you know how humble he is.) The most valuable part of the updating is the addition of hundreds of photos. I've been doing one trick from Close-up Card Magic for over 40 years (I won't say which), and one of the photos is going to make me change that trick for the better. So, I guess your answer depends on what you want from the book. I've been spending most of my time so far revisiting the old stuff, and it's such great stuff. This is the kind of magic I enjoy doing for laymen, much of it requiring a bit of thinking on your feet. As a book, I always favor hardbacks over soft, so it's nice to get five books compiled into one handsome edition. The original started me on a lifetime of pleasure, so I have great affection for this material. I have a wall full of hardback magic books, and if I had to choose one as the "best" book of card tricks, this for me is the easy winner.
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Postby Guest » 04/20/05 03:07 PM

Man... this forum is going to cost me money! :D

O.K. I did a search for the book and found myself right back on this thread. Does anyone know where I can purchase my copy?


Postby sleightly » 04/20/05 07:24 PM

You can buy the book directly from Harry Lorayne only...

You can reach him by email at:

Highly recommended...

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Postby Guest » 04/20/05 08:27 PM

After reading Steve's take on Lorayne's book (and being a big fan of Harry's work), I sent my check out today. Looking forward to receiving my copy!


Postby Guest » 04/20/05 10:17 PM

Thanks for the info guys.


Postby Guest » 04/21/05 05:57 AM

I seem to recall from his Genii ad that Harry Lorayne accepts paypal for the Classic Collection. I don't have Genii in front of me. Could someone let me know how much the book is (including the extra paypal charge) and the proper email address.

Hope it's appropriate to ask this here.

Thanks a lot.

Postby Adrian Kuiper » 04/21/05 07:53 AM

The book, including shipping, is $97.90
Add $5.00 to cover the Paypal charges. Total then is $102.90.

The email address for Paypal is:

I'm gonna bite the bullet and order a copy too...

Adrian Kuiper
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Postby Bob Farmer » 04/21/05 11:10 AM

I just got my copy and it's a great book. It is not a simple reprint of the older books -- in fact, some of the older material which Harry thought was below par is not included.
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Postby Steve Bryant » 04/21/05 12:19 PM

Note that Harry will let you subtract $5 OFF the price if you send him a check or money order.
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Postby Guest » 04/21/05 06:43 PM

Thanks very much for the information.


Postby Guest » 05/18/05 11:35 AM

My copy just arrived in the mail today. What a BEAUTY! I am actually DOUBLY excited because this is all new material to me.

Harry also took the time to autograph and personalize my copy. THANKS HARRY!!!

Can't wait to dig in. Just have to finish my latest book from Stephen Minch and the Hermetic Press. :cool:

Postby Van » 05/22/05 04:50 PM

ust a quick list of the items missing from the original books:

"Close Up Card Magic"

No Looking
Calculated Risk
Mathematical Affinity
Magnetic Reversals
Fan Prediction #1 & #2
Black Out
The Spectator Estimates
Card Sandwich
Plunge Thru
1 2 3 4
4 3 2 1
Absolutely Free Force
Variation Change and Stud Poker
Four In Hand
Automatic Mind Reading #2
On Spectator's Hand
Torn Corner Transposition
Red Ace - Black Ace
Just Business Cards

"Personal Secrets"

Four More

"My Favorite Card Tricks"

Interlaced Location
Pseudo Memory #1


Double lift gag
Oh, Those Aces!
The Royal Lovers
Faro Blockbuster
One Eyed Jack Sandwich Sequel
Modernizes Slop Shuffle
About Faces

These are the new tricks added:

The Colorful Assembly, Spectator-Cuts-The-Aces, Trick
In The Second Place
Gamblers Luck
Four-Second Wonder
Progressive Elevator, Plus
Assembly Backfire
Any-Deck Tally-Ho Extended
Four (Ace) Flusher
Instant Startler
Full-Deck Slide-In Shuffle
Automatic Double
Who Do We Appreciate
This Is Better?
Aces Over Easy
The One-of-Two Switch

I haven't had a chance to try out any of the new material but a couple of them look interesting.

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Postby Guest » 08/06/05 08:10 PM

Could someone be so kind as to describe for me the back of the jacket on Lorayne's Classic Collection book? A photo of Harry, perhaps? What's he wearing, and what's in his mouth? Is any credit given to a photographer, with this photo or perhaps inside the jacket?

Why do I ask, you may wonder. Let's just say I'm trying to make sure credit is given where credit is due. I'll tell all soon enough.

thanks much, John in NJ

Postby Alain Roy » 08/07/05 12:45 PM

On the back jacket cover of my copy of Classic Collection, I see a younger Harry Lorayne. Large glasses, a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. He's doing an in-the-hands riffle shuffle and the cards are face-up. He looks like he could be standing behind a counter in a magic store, but that's just a guess. There is a table or counter in front of him, and books behind him.

On the inside of the back jacket, I see: "jacket design by Lindsay Holmes". Inside the book it says "Photographs by Robin Chanatawan Deisgn and Composition by Andrew J. Pinard"
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Postby sleightly » 08/07/05 07:16 PM

Actually, it says...

"Design and Composition by..."

At least I sure as hell hope it does!


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Postby Alain Roy » 08/09/05 08:27 AM

You are correct--my typo. Sorry!

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Postby Guest » 08/10/05 03:29 PM

fyi, I made the photograph Mr. Lorayne used on the back cover of this book. It shows him in spring, 1974, I believe, working behind the counter at the old Tannen's, the shop that was on the 17th floor of a showbiz building in Times Square, more or less where the Virgin megastore is now, if I'm not mistaken.

Thanks, all, for the info.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/10/05 05:58 PM

Winslow, tell us your name so we know who took the photo!
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Postby Guest » 08/10/05 06:28 PM

When you gave me the two photos of Harry Lorayne approx. 2 years ago, I said I would give them to him the next day at his house as I had to stop over anyway. I did indeed give them to him but I don't recall seeing your name on them as the photographer. The photos were indeed taken behind the counter of Tannen's Magic Shop when they were located at 1540 Broadway. ALSO....It is a 99% sure bet that they were taken on a Saturday as Harry would hold court behind the counter doing and selling stuff from his books. Note...Harry never actually worked at Tannen's as an employee.

Postby Guest » 08/11/05 04:56 PM

My name is John Verity. I was a regular at the Sat. PM get-togethers at The Governor cafeteria - and other venues, as the feast moved from spot to spot over time.

Postby Guest » 08/28/05 11:45 AM

The facts of the matter are these:

I snapped Harry Lorayne's photo back in 1974, as described.
A couple of years ago, I came across the negatives, whose existence I had forgotten, and made two large prints - 11x14-inches - in my own darkroom. Just for him.
I wrote my name and telephone number on the back of these prints. In permanent ink.
I passed the prints to Mr. Lorayne via an intermediary - Mr. Edwards.
I had quietly hoped, back then, that I might hear from Mr. Lorayne - a mere thanks for the good photos, say. This is, after all, my favorite magician, the guy I learned so much from and thought - and still think - so much of. Fans always like to hear from the stars they admire, I figure, and vice-versa.
I heard nothing.

Then, recently, I learned that Mr. Lorayne had used my photo quite prominently on his new book. He did this without asking me for or receiving my permission to use the image and without crediting me as the photographer and owner of the image.
I made contact with Mr. Lorayne by post. But he has declined, in his reply to me, to thank me, to acknowledge that I ever gave him any photo, or to compensate me (least of all with a copy of his book.)
All of which leaves me quite disappointed and, I must say, saddened.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/28/05 04:16 PM

Is it possible the photos you made were trimmed so the name and address on the back were simply not there?
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Postby Steve Mills » 08/30/05 06:54 PM

FWIW I see the book is in the latest L&L flyer, so I assume it is no longer exclusive with Lorayne?
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Postby Monty » 03/29/09 02:18 PM

Does anybody have both volumes 1 and 2, if so what are the differences? Also if you have the contents of both that would be helpful too?
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/29/09 02:41 PM

They contain completely different material. No one is going to type the contents of both books here for you. Nose around online using Google and you might find something.
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Postby Andrew Pinard » 03/29/09 07:15 PM



Preface, xiii


Introduction (Dai Vernon), 3
Foreword, 5


Hindu Shuffle, 9
Faro Shuffle, 10
Jog Shuffle, 12
Double-Lift Palm, 13


Location Supreme, 17
Two Card Reverse, 20
Salt-Less, 23
Aces Wild, 25
Revelation, 28
Stab-Two, 31
The Sloppy Card Trick, 35
Coincidentally Yours, 37
Take Me To Your Leader, 41
Loraynes Ambitious Card Routine, 44
Little FellaBig Fella, 53
Stop!, 56
Impossibility, 59
Quinella!, 62
Out Of This Universe, 64
Red-Black Set-Up, 68
This Is Mindreading?, 70


In The Side Pocket, 73
The Apex Ace, 75
Oses (Collectors) Addition, 78
Oses Cut, 79
Automatic Mindreading, 81
Revolving Aces, 83
Force Prediction, 86
Tell My Fortune, 88
Three For The Money, 90
Three Again, 93
Three Times And Out, 93
Fourtitude, 95
Sam-Ultaneous, 96
Flash Aces, 98
The Spread Control, 100
Two Variations, 101
Personally Yours, 103
Through The Table, 105


The Inseparable Four, 109
Sensitive Touch, 111
Loraynes Poker Deal, 113
The Moving Pencil, 117
Vernons Aces, 120
The Lorayne Force, 123
Sympathetic Decks, 125
Mated!, 127
Reverse Location, 130
Lost And Found Aces, 133
Lazy Mans Card Trick, 136
Challenge Aces, 139
Push-Through Change, 140
Push-Through Poker, 145
The JB Kard Kop, 148


The Turnover Change, 153
The Little Card That Wasnt There, 157
Mentalamazement, 159
Chango-Cards, 162
Prediction Extraordinaire, 162
Random Thoughts, 163
Quickie Prediction, 164
Cross-Over Change, 164
In-Hand Change, 164
Hole Card Switch, 166
Multiple Turnover Change, 167
Ambitious Aces, 168
The Traveling Jewels, 169


Foreword, 175
Four Of A Kind, 177
Red & Black Fantasy, 181
Leap Frog, 186
Magician Vs Gambler, 190
Color Quickie, 194
Revers-All, 196
The Fantastic Card Square, 199
Ten Card Puzzler, 206


One-Eyed Jack Sandwich, 211
Four-Ace Extension, 214
Color Coincidence, 215
Out Of My Control, 218
Criss-Cross, 221
Impromptu Out Of This World, 226
Hummer Addition, 229
Aces OnlyWith Kings, 231
Toss-In Reverse, 235
Any Four Of A Kind, 238
Transposition Breakthrough #1, 240
Transposition Breakthrough #2, 244
Your Choice, 246
Pseudo Memory, 249


Foreword, 255
The Kick Double Lift, 257
Double Put-Down, 260
The Flip-Over Locator, 263
Foursome, 265
The Magic Step, 270
New-Fangled Color Change, 275
Outrageous Revelation, 280
That Burns Me Up, 282
The Card Pyramid, 284
Out Of This World Memory, 289
Double Billemma, 291
The (Easy) Indicator, 295
Ten-Card Poker Deal, 300
Cointrol, 308
Mental Photography, 312
1-2-3 Aces, 317
Favorite Aces And Kings, 322
Stabbed In The Pack, 328
The Strip-Out Sleight, 332
Vice Triumphant, 334
The Flying Aces, 336
The Choice Is Yours, 339
To Change A Card, 342
Deal & Duck, 344


Foreword, 355
Basic Principle, 355
Reasoning and Logic, 358
Calculations, 359
Endings, 361
Presentations, 363
Stalemate, 364
Poker Face, 365
Twice As Fast Breakthrough, 369
Another Way, 372
Completely Impromptu Half At A Time, 373
No-Sleight Stalemate, 374
Triple Mate, 374


The Colorful Assembly, Spectator-Cuts-Aces, Trick, 383
Really!, 385
In The Second Place, 389
Gamblers Luck, 392
Four-Second Wonder, 394
Progressive Elevator, Plus, 399
Assembly Backfire, 405
Any-Deck Tally-Ho Extended, 411
Four (Ace) Flusher, 415
Instant Startler, 420
Full-Deck Slide-In Shuffle, 424
Automatic Double, 426
Who Do We Appreciate, 428
This Is Better!, 430
Aces Over Easy, 432
The One-Of-Two Switch, 434





Preface, ix


Foreword, 3
The Card Sharp & The Four Gamblers, 5
Stranger Card Faro Locator, 17
Super Location, 21
Further Than Further Than That, 26
The Magic Eraser, 29
To Catch An Ace #1, 36
To Catch An Ace #2, 38
To Catch An Ace #3, 41
To Catch An Ace #4, 46
To Catch An Ace #5, 49
To Catch An Ace #6, 54
Fourcefully, 57
The Phantom Card, 59
Loraynes Move-A-Card, A La Moe, 64
Roll Your Own, 67
Pseudo Memory #3, 72
The Lorayne Card Spin, 75
The Difference & The Sum, 78
The HC Difference & Sum, 85
Tally-Ho!, 86
Snap! Plus, 95
Half A Faro Onward, 103
Circle Of Light, 106
Loraynes Poker Deal #2, 113
The Australian Sixes, 122
Four By Four, 125
Ring On Stick, 130
Card To Wallet, 135
The Memory Magic Square, 139
Instant Magic Square, 149
The Flying Kings, 151
The Pecking Bird, 157
The Color-Changing Deck, 162
Super Triple Change, 169
Faro Quickie & Follow-Up, 173
Sandwich Locator, 177
Trampoline, The Second, 178
Spread-Pass Delay, 180
Behind-The-Back Force, 183
The Lorayne Double-Lift Breakthrough, 186
Evolution Of A Sleight, 190
The Scoop Change, 193


Foreword, 199


The Flip-Up Double Lift, 201
The Mind Boggler, 203
The Half Force, 209
Quick Crimp, 211
A Fast Repeat Reverse, 212
Half-Force Aces, 215
Half-Force Open Prediction, 219
A Double-Cut Lap, 221
The Chopstick One-Hand Cut, 223
A Unique Red-Black Shuffle, 227
The Riffle Diffle, 229
The Super Riffle Diffle, 232
Three False Cuts, 236
The Retention-Of-Vision Cut, 240


Amazing Prediction, 243
One-Hand Top-Palm Method, 248
A Top Palm, 250
A Multiple Palm, 253
Controlled Spelling, 255
Cast A Triple Spell, 259
Spell Again, 262
The Rockin Chair, 264
The Ribbon-Spread Palm, 267
Deal Location, 269
Wired, 272
One-Hand Instant Crimp, 276


The Lap Switch, 279
Color-Full, 281
The Status-Quo Shuffle, 283
The Persistence-Of-Vision Control, 285
A Switch/Control, 289
The Clipper Switch, 292
One Of Four, 296
Improvisation Location, 299
A Poker, Or 4-Card, Switch, 301


Spectator-Challenge Aces, 305
Any Ace Spell, 308
Spell Mell, 310
Two Simple Controls, 313
HaLo Aces, 315
HaLo Again, 319
HaLo Mates, 324


Foreword, 329


The Ultra Move, 331
The Ultra Move For The Ambitious Card, 337
The Ultra Move And The Fast Pass, 339
The Ultra Sandwich Routine, 340
Ultra Aces, 343
Ultra Aces To Kings, 345
Ultra General Card (& Impossible Location), 348
Ultra Potpourri, 350
Loraynes New Fan Steal, 353
The Peek Lap, 355
Goin Fishin, 358
Snappy Flush, 362
The HaLo Cut Cop, 365
The Spread Cop, 367
One From Three, 369


Double-Cut Series, 373
Easy Indicator, 376
A Flourish Deal, 382
The Regal Royal Flush, 383
Fource, 389
Any Ace Spell Variation, 393
Combination Aces, 396
The Lorayne Force Open Prediction, 400
Think Of Any Card, 404
An Instant 3-Card Location, 407


Two-Gether Again, 413
The Square Reverse, 416
The Fascinating Travelers, 420
Flash Reverse, 425
Bust Out!, 427
Match Up, 430
A Riffle Shuffle Cop, 431
The Ribbon-Spread Grab, 434
TCAA #5, The Second, 437
The 29th Card, 439
Tally-Ho Detector, 443
Tally-Ho Ace Locator, 447

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/29/09 09:32 PM

Wise guy! Since Pinard laid out both books, he had the tocs on his computer and could easily post them. Thanks.
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Postby Andrew Pinard » 03/29/09 09:38 PM

Yeah, sure... as an encore are you going to tell my daughter there is no Santa Claus? ;O)

(We should get the girls together for a play date sometime!)

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Postby Harry Lorayne » 03/30/09 09:04 PM

I just saw this thread. Just to keep the record straight...When I did Volume 1 I dug through about 1000 photos of myself that people had given me over the years. I selected the one that's on the rear cover of LORAYNE: THE CLASSIC COLLECTION, Vol. 1. I had absolutely no idea as to who took the photo. I'd spent a couple of hours looking over all of them and most didn't have the photographer's name on it. I always like to give credit - IF I KNOW THAT CREDIT. When John Verity told me that he had taken the photo, it was, obviously too late to do anything about it. But - when I did Volume 2, I made it a point TO REPEAT THE PHOTO inside the book SO THAT I COULD GIVE JOHN THE CREDIT. That credit is in Volume 2. Whew!!! HL.
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