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Postby Pete McCabe » 03/06/03 06:59 PM

I was reading through the reprint of Frank Simon's Versatile Card Magic (highly recommended if you are a fan of spread cull techniques or if you want to become one), and I had an interesting idea.

When a book is reprinted, why not reprint the original review that appeared in Genii when the book was first printed? I'd love to see what the initial reaction to some of these books was, compared with the book's current status. (If space is a problem, perhaps an abridged portion of the review could be included.)

With the regular appearance of reprints of classic and neo-classic books like Versatile Card Magic (and Earl Nelson's Variations) I would think this could be a fairly regular feature.

P.S. By the way, the Versatile Card Magic DVD has an easter egg that shows you a hilarious selection of outtakes from the videotaping process.
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