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Postby Martin Kaplan » 09/13/05 01:50 PM

Having edited the entire work and translated a goodly amount of it I would be interested in hearing the reactions of those who have had the chance to pick up the book. Thanks!

Martin Kaplan
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Postby Eric Rose » 09/14/05 04:36 PM

I picked up the book right after Murphy's made it available. The artwork is fantastic (although the Goldin sliced nose picture still disturbs me). The book reads nicely. I find that I pick it up occasionally as I walk past its shelf and read a biography or two. It's a fun book to browse. I doubt that I'll ever do any of the magic tricks associated with the book, but hey, that's just me.

I likes it, I does.
Eric Rose
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Postby Guest » 09/14/05 06:27 PM

It is a great easy book to read! The pictures are amazing! It makes a great coffee table book! I sold about a dozen of them when they were first released! There are very clever tricks in it too!!

I recommend it!!

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