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Postby Tim Trono » 12/20/02 03:21 PM

We (Murphy's) just received Paul Harris' Reality Twister... it's finally here and it looks GREAT! Do NOT miss this it is super. Paul has really honed this item to perfection. It is super easy to do, very visual, and it is a bargain price. Even the packaging that Ben Harris designed is very cool.

Tim Trono
Tim Trono
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Postby Pete Biro » 12/21/02 09:39 AM

So what's the effect? :confused:
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Pete Biro
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Postby Tim Trono » 12/21/02 11:58 AM

Hi Pete. Hope you are doing well.

With Reality Twister you hand out a pen and a credit card size piece of transparent plastic for inspection. The pen is placed on the spectators fingers and you hold the lens just a little above it. You can clearly see the pen on the spectators fingers through the lens. You give the lens a twist ...and the center of the pen becomes semitransparent and then completely invisible. You can see through as the spectators even separate their fingers. Yet you see the tips of the pen sticking out from both sides of the lens. It looks fabulous. Now you make the center of the pen re-appear and with one more slight twist the center of the pen visibly distorts. It looks like a twist in a doggie balloon or such. You slowly move the lens aside to show the pen is, in fact, now twisted. Everything can be immediately examined. There are no switches, no reset, etc. This is starting to sound like an ad so Ill stop there LOL. Hope that helps. Happy holidays.

Tim Trono
Tim Trono
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Postby Bill Duncan » 12/21/02 11:27 PM

Is this one of those 'leave them the props and they can do it themselves' tricks?
Bill Duncan
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Postby Tim Trono » 12/21/02 11:39 PM

No. Initially spectator is holding/controlling everything and yet in the end the pen gets this huge twist in it. Although part does rely on an unbelievable optical principle there is more going on. I spent quite a bit of time with Paul in San Diego and I wish you could have seen the reactions to this when Paul did it. I am sending some footage to our corporate offices on Monday so hopefully we will be able to get it on Murphy's site soon. It is really VERY cool visually. Happy holidays.

BTW... we just got in Richard Sanders' Slow Burn DVD. This looks great! The change of the bills is incredible and the price is right as well. Strongly recommended. Check with your favorite dealer.

Tim Trono
Tim Trono
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Postby Charlie Chang » 12/22/02 10:20 PM

MagicSmith has a demo of this up. Can't wait to see it in person.
Charlie Chang
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/22/02 10:42 PM

The demo on MagicSmith's website looks really good.
There's also a demo on Sander's Slow Burn, which looks like the Pat Page trick known as Kaps' Flash Cash, just done a bit differently. It also looks very good, but I assume that it has to have a different method or how could they sell it just because the visual change is handled a little differently?
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby David Acer » 01/14/03 10:04 PM

Richard, you little dickens you, Slow Burn is indeed based on the Pat Page gimmick, but both the construction of the gimmick and (consequently) the handling are quite different. Sanders' handling looks like real magic, and I'm not just saying that because he's standing next to me holding a knife...

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David Acer
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Postby Pete McCabe » 01/17/03 01:46 PM

First off, I love the Reality Twister, and not just because I'm writing a booklet with Paul Harris of new effects using the lens.

But there's one point Tim made that I think could be clarified a little.

At the beginning of the trick you do not want to hand the pen out and ask the spectator to examine it. What you do is give them the pen and have them use it. This is a better way to establish the pen's normalness anyway (don't run if you're not being chased).

Other than that I have to say that although I don't like to oversell anything I'm working on, this booklet will have some really incredible stuff in it. The Reality Twister has extremely wide applications which, when you add in an additional magic principle (like a gaff or duplicate object or sleight of hand, etc.) can produce sensationally visual effects.
Pete McCabe
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Postby Ian Kendall » 01/17/03 03:47 PM

Hmmm. I got this yesterday primarily for the lens. The first thing I did was throw out the pen. Apart from looking like no other pen in the UK it took an alarming amount of pulling to get the cap off the first time, during which time my fingers got covered in black marking which took three washes to get off. The cap does not fit properly for it's purpose so for that intent the pen would not be useable.

However, I'm having a ball with the lens and I look forward to Pete's manuscript :)

Take care, Ian
Ian Kendall
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Postby Pete McCabe » 01/19/03 11:25 PM


Paul asked me to assure you that your dealer will be happy to replace your defective pen; if they don't, Murphy's Magic certainly will.

Don't know what they can do about it looking like any other pen in the UK. It's a standard pen style here in the US.

However it looks like there will be a couple of spiffier aftermarket pen models available, including a handmade wooden one that's supposed to be very very nice.

Pete McCabe
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Postby Guest » 01/20/03 01:16 AM

Originally posted by Charlie Chang:
MagicSmith has a demo of this up. Can't wait to see it in person.
and the link is : ... m&CODE=285

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