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Postby Guest » 12/10/06 08:44 AM

I recently purchased this three dvd set and would like to review it for the folks on the Genii Forum.

Live At The Jailhouse is a three dvd set produced by Kozmo Magic. The production quality is excellent. Kozmo Magic continues to do a great job of filming and editing magic dvds. This dvd set will provide you with the opportunity to sit down and hear the real work on what it takes to be a successful performer in the restaurant market straight from the mouth of six professionals who are currently making a living in the restaurant venue.

Disk I Contents:

Benefits Of Working In A Restaurant: Paul Green, Kirk Charles, Dan Fleshman, Justin Miller, Garrett Thomas, and Dan Tong talk about how working a restaurant allows you to make money at the restaurant, as well as outside of the restaurant, how it is a great place to hone your material and to network, plus much more.

Choosing A Restaurant: What kind of a restaurant do you want to work in and why?

How To Dress: What you should wear at the various types of restaurants.

How To Get The Job: What you need to do in order to get hired.

How To Keep The Job: Now that you have the job, what you need to do to keep that job.

Promotion: Tips on promoting both you and the restaurant.

Staff Relationships: How to deal with the different personality types you will find working in your restaurant. How do you approach the restaurant regarding the use of substitute magicians?

Tips: Views on working or not working for tips.

Getting Paid: How to set your rate. Various ways the restaurant can pay you.

Character: Discussions on how these performers developed their characters.

Types Of Effects: Discussions on the various issues to consider when selecting effects to work in the restaurant environment.

Amount Of Material: How much material do you really need to effectively work in a restaurant?

Kirk Charles performs and explains: sponge balls, an in the hands copper/silver routine, matches, bar basketball and an effect utilizing his business card

Garrett Thomas performs: Rubik's Cube, Ring Thing, 4 Coin Production, Big Coin Little Purse plus, Garrett explains his amazing way to vanish and produce large props at a table.

Paul Green performs: Pygmy Paddle (a great trick that will promote the restaurant with a give away), Here There And Chicago Too! (Here There And Everywhere plot with Red Hot Momma) and a Card To Wallet routine with a great tip to help you never miss and give away your business card at the same time.

Disk II Contents:

Approaching The Table: The experts discuss the best time for approaching the table. What do you say? What do you do? This is covered thoroughly.

Dan Fleshman performs & explains: Rising Card, Card To Mouth, Momma In My Wallet. If you have had or are having trouble with the Mercury Fold, Dan has a nice handling that may just solve your problem.

Three ways to leave the table: When entertainment is not desired; what do you say and how do you leave when they just dont want to see any magic? When the food arrives; how do you gracefully exit when the food arrives? And, when you finish the show; how do you exit when you have been given the opportunity to do your entire set? How do you handle a situation where the woman wants to spend time with you rather than her date? All these questions and answers are discussed.

Kozmo performs & explains: Sweet N Low Surprise.

Disk III Contents:

Justin Miller performs & explains: Shockingly Sweet, and Suggestion.

Odds & Ends: dealing with hecklers, drunks, and snotty kids; evolution of your magic, self-promotion, pocket management, mistake recovery, making friends, and working for celebrities.

Favorite stories: Interesting stories that actually happened while working.

Parting comments: Advice for the wannabe restaurant performer.

Bloopers & Credits: Bits and pieces from the cutting room floor.

If you are looking at becoming a restaurant worker this dvd set is an excellent choice. This dvd is good value. I would not hesitate to give this dvd set my highest recommendation.


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