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Postby Metius » 01/02/11 01:05 PM

Hi to all!

I'd like to get in touch with mr.Kuffs, does anybody have an e-mail address ore something to contact him? I ask this because i'm not able to find any personal site and the ones i used to know seems to be down.

Thanks in advance and PM me if necessary.

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Postby Bill Palmer » 01/03/11 01:10 PM

Try Stphane Bourgoine's web site.

They can get in touch with him for you.
Bill Palmer, MIMC
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Postby Matthew Field » 01/05/11 06:59 AM

Or get in touch with Daid Acer, who is on this forum.

Matt Field
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Postby Metius » 01/06/11 07:36 AM

Thank you very much both of you. :)
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Postby Bob Farmer » 01/19/11 08:27 PM

Patrick's "Tossed Out Rubik's Cube" in the January 2011 Genii is brilliant. I've worked out a way of doing this that can be done close-up -- and you can actually reveal which spectator is thinking of which color (i.e., you don't use the "Tossed Out Deck" method).
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Postby Duncan William » 09/17/11 04:55 AM

I think he has some details on the back of his DVD MInd stunts if that helps on his DVDs too....
Duncan William
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Postby Aliceleo » 09/20/11 05:59 AM

great dear. Thanks for sharing the information.
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