Magicians on The Mike Douglas Show

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Postby P.T.Widdle » 12/30/10 04:58 PM

I just saw a great PBS special about the Mike Douglas Show. The array of guests he had throughout his 25 plus years...incredible, but I saw no magicians on the special. There must have been, yes?
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Postby Dustin Stinett » 12/30/10 05:19 PM

I posted a note here shortly after his death. The thread will give you an idea of what a friend of magic Mike Douglas was. ... 874&page=1
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Postby Andrew Martin Portala » 12/30/10 05:23 PM

Harry Blackstone Jr., Tom and Sherri and Mark Wilson . They were on a special Mike Douglas show about Magic.Around 1978 or 79.
Don Alan was on Mike Douglas too but by himself.
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Postby P.T.Widdle » 12/30/10 05:36 PM

It's great there were so many magicians on the show. It's disappointing there wasn't even a single image of a magician performing on a one hour PBS special about him.
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Postby Terry » 12/31/10 12:50 PM

Here is the list by season & episode: ... 1&season=1
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Postby Glenn Bishop » 01/03/11 12:05 AM

Billy Bishop an Ann (my Mom and Dad) were on the show more than once.
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Postby Steve Ehlers » 01/17/11 12:28 PM

Scarne was on about 10 different times.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/17/11 12:34 PM

Any video of Scarne's appearances floating around? It would be nice to see something decent other than just remembering that embarrasing appearance on Tom Snyder's show.
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Postby Andrew Martin Portala » 01/17/11 03:06 PM

I remember seeing on e Bay a few years ago a 8mm castle film of Scarne.
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Postby Gary Plants » 01/26/11 02:17 AM

I have the two films Cheating in Gambling and Expose of Sleight-of-Hand and also one appearance on Mike Douglas.
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