20 minute 2-performer show for teens... ideas?

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Postby xMx » 12/28/10 06:39 PM

I've been very casually doing magic and very basic
tricks since I was very young. Long enough that
I have a (perhaps irrational?) dislike for the most
recent guys to become popular on TV.

I have decided to take it more seriously now,
and have found myself in a world that I did
not know existed. It is, and has been, an
awesome trip so far.

I work regularly with teens, and discovered that
one of them has taken a serious interest in
performing magic as well - so we're secretly
practicing some things together, though I'm not
necessarily experienced enough to be any sort
of "mentor" in the field of magic, however...

We'd like to work up a bit of a dual-performer
"show" that would last about 20 minutes, for
some upcoming events for other teenagers.

I was wondering if anyone cared to offer any
particular effects, ideas, scripting
, that
might work well for that type of act/audience
(about 80 teens, 6th to 11th grade)...?

I am most familiar with card/mental/close up
stuff, so doing something from the stage will
require a whole different perspective, however
I am in bands, and do "public speaking" to teens
at least once a week, so I'm pretty comfortable
on a stage.

Thanks so much for any ideas/advice!
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Postby Paul Amerson » 12/28/10 11:35 PM

Call me. I will be happy to share some ideas with you. This is a market tgat I enjoy working. You may reach me at (210) 452-4524. Voice or text.
Paul Amerson
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