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Postby Brian Marks » 01/01/03 11:11 PM

So who has them?

Are they any good? I suspect they are but no one mentioned anything yet.
Brian Marks
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Postby Guest » 01/07/03 06:47 PM

Originally posted by Brian Marks:
So who has them?

Are they any good? I suspect they are but no one mentioned anything yet.
I've got both of them. I really enjoyed the Cabaret Mentalism DVD. The Cabaret Magic disc was okay...nothing spectacular.

Postby Guest » 01/08/03 12:55 AM

I have the Mental DVD and its good.
I like the effects here, Pro-Monition and the Teleport Envelopes is my favourites.
I have done P-M once and it was a success for me :) I ordered some packages of the Teleport Envelopes from Lesleys web and they are really good. If you work with mental magic, buy this envelopes they are wonderful!!! Looks innocent but they are devilish clever :)
Ted Lesleys native language is german but his english is good so its very easy to understand.
Yes, the effect "Tossed out deck" was also a killer routine. This was the first time I saw this kind of a effect. Great concept.
My opinion is that all the effects here is useful for the mentalist.
All routines is pretty easy to do, no harsh moves. The hardest routine must be Pro-Monition.
Needs some fast math calc. in your mind.

I saw Ted in sweden some years ago and that was a refresing experience. He did his SLATE - SATIONAL a very nice effect.

Lesley web: http://www.wonderworkshop.de

Postby Guest » 01/10/03 11:59 PM

Just saw the Cabaret Mentalism tape. It was really good, with a lot of stuff that I could use on cruise ships. Excellent amd well-worth the money.

Postby Linds » 01/12/03 08:47 PM

Yes I have both. I would agree that the Caberet Mentalism is the stronger, but there are some very strong items on the second, just not as many <g>. I became aware of Ted via Billy McComb's Magigram column in the seventies(?) On the strength of that write up, I bought Paramiracles and when L&L released the two volumes I bought them on DVD.

To be fair there is much material on them that is covered in Paramiracles. In fact in some places in his explanations, Ted refers to the text in the book as providing additional material that he didn't feel could be adequately conveyed in the videos. I am inclined to agree. A good example involves the "pumping sequences" to extract information from a spectator. The nonlinear nature of this process would chew up a lot of time as each branch was explored.

As to the teleport envelopes. I have made some up from the instructions in Paramiracles. They are a devastating weapon. Once the envelope leaves your hand, the audience member does the effect. Youneedn't touch it again until you reclaim the opened envelope as you tidy up your workspace. I would say that purchasing supplies from Ted is the way to go if you were using one in your act. It is a real fiddle to get the envelopes to the point where they look undoctored and work reliably.
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Postby Guest » 01/19/03 03:20 AM

It is nice to know, that you like my material in "Paramiracles" and on my DVDs / Videos so much. If you need any help on the tricks shown or written, feel free to ask!

You can reach me at :




Bye for now and THANX again!

TED ;) ;) ;)

Postby Brian Marks » 01/19/03 01:21 PM

Well since starting tis thread, I went out and purchased Paramiracles instead. I was in Vegas and didn't want to wait until I was home.
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