Larry Jenning: A Private Lesson

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Postby r paul wilson » 12/09/06 02:02 AM

One camera in a well lit room with a relaxed magician, unaffected by a studio set-up.

In 1977.

This is the Larry Jennings I heard about when I was growing up.

I just watched this exceptional DVD for the second time.
If you're truly interested in close-up sleight of hand, this DVD will give you real insight into how a modern master thought about his magic.

There's one item on this DVD I would have paid a gread deal to learn. Larry described it to me himself and I was delighted to see him do it here.

The Chinese Connection is also on this video. In Larry's house I worked out a way to do this without going to the pocket that I had completely forgotton about until now. I'll pass it to Richard for a future Magicana.

I'm giving this my highest endorsement. I was lucky enough to know Larry in the years before he passed. He and BJ were very kind to me and LJ taught me a great deal. This video is a wonderful memento and a treasure trove to sleight of hand artists everywhere.

r paul wilson
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Postby Guest » 12/10/06 06:39 AM


Thanks for your comments on the subject DVD. I've been considering getting one but now I've put it on my must have list.

Thanks again,


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