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Postby Guest » 09/27/02 09:04 AM

Is this the "awful tape" everybody was talking about in another thread shot when Mr Skinner was unfortunately ill? What are your opinions of this DVD? It sounds a bit expensive for three effects, or doesn't it?


Postby Randy Sager » 09/27/02 09:15 AM

I must respond to getjet's comment of the Skinner Tapes being awfull because Michael was sick at that time.

The tapes are not awfull. True this was not Mike at his prime but the magic was still very very good.

To say those tapes are awfull is just ridiculous.

I believe the only the ones who are not the true studendts of the art would say such a thing about the tapes.
Randy Sager
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/27/02 12:19 PM

The material on the new DVD is some of Mike's favorite material.
Mike's health was in decline when he made the original videotapes. They really don't give a clear indication of what he was like in his prime. I think that's the point being made here. He was NOT a terrible magician at the end of his life, but he was not as good as he was earlier in his life.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 09/28/02 01:12 AM

I am sorry if I was misunderstood. I, being a doctor, would be the last person to say something like that about someone who is sick. I just meant that other magicians on another thread where saying this about the tapes.

I respect the art and I respect the performers of this art. I just wanted to have your opinion on these tapes.


Postby Randy Sager » 09/28/02 09:30 AM

Im sorry I did over react to the original post.

I dont know anything about the new dvd as I have not seen an add for it yet. But I would say that if your really interested in Michael Skinner's work your money will not be wasted in buying it or the other tapes.

Yes I would agree that in Mikes later years he wasnt as good as he was in his prime twenty years ago or so. But as Richard said this in no way means his magic was no longer great.

Im sorry again for jumping to conclussions, before actually realizing what was being said and asked.
Randy Sager
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Postby magicbar » 10/13/02 06:19 AM

I believe the shop, Houdini's in Vegas has earlier performance tapes of Skinner. performance only at a private show.
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Postby Randy Sager » 10/13/02 08:07 AM

Yes Houdini's does have two performance tapes of Michael's work. They where made around 82-83.

If you are intrested in Michael's work you should buy the tapes.

These tapes where not shot in a studio, But they are still a very good record of Michael's work.
Randy Sager
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Postby Matthew Field » 10/14/02 09:11 AM

In fact, I wrote a brief essay (on the GeMiNi board) about my reaction when the first Skinner videos came out.

I had heard so much about the man, seen so many photos. Then I watched him on the videos and he looked so frail. I was crushed.

Then an amazing thing happened. I went back a few weeks later and watched the videos again. This time, the depth of Michael Skinner opened to me -- the subtleties, the grace, the deliberate pacing, the openness of the handlings, the masterful execution of sleights. I was enthralled.

I never had the honor to meet Mike Skinner, or to see him in person. These videos contain some of the best post-graduate teachings in the Art of Magic I know and I highly recommend anything that has Michael Skinner's name attached to it.

However, beware: The student must be ready to appreciate the teachings of a master.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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