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Postby Guest » 03/25/03 09:47 PM

I have to tip my hat again to David Regal. I might as well just give him the goshdurn hat. He never runs out of great ideas or improvements to old ideas. Ever since I met him on Pesach 2001, I've been a huge fan.

I bought his Sudden Deck on a whim Saturday afternoon at the local hangout after inspecting the contents and the instructions (it was the only one!) and played with it while watching the war on Saturday night. I didn't really get too excited about it until on Sunday and Monday, when I had the time to practice it in front of a mirror. It took about 5 minutes to make it look reasonable, and another 15 minutes of memorizing the patter and fine tuning the routine to make the act of folding the box look 'weightless' until the very end. It is very convincing and fair looking.

Today I started performing it. Taking the prepared item out from between some magazines in a rack next to my sales counter. It looks so innocent and so unusual that the spectator has no clue as to what (much less how) something can possibly happen. One young person said he saw the deck come from my sleeve, but I casually reminded him that I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt. Nobody asked to see the box as I casually tossed it under the counter.

I can tell you that in every one of about 5 or 6 performances it killed, and is a wonderful way to bring a deck into the forefronts of my customer's minds. They usaually expect some kind of magic anyway, but at the start it seems so ridiculous that the shock at the end leaves them speachless. It really does look impossible, and you will laugh yourself silly when you look at yourself in the mirror performing it.

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I used Sudden Deck last weekend while entertainging at a dinner party. It was a great, subtle opener, with my patter about leaving the deck in my tux when I took it to the dry cleaner. It really hooked the guests in to the rest of the show.

Postby Guest » 04/18/03 09:01 AM

I purchased David Regals' Sudden Deck at his lecture in Portland,Oregon...along with all 3 of his books, all 3 of his DVDs, and just about everything else on the table. I have performed SUDDEN DECK twice now and both times it killed them. What a great prop, and a great way to introduce a deck of cards. Hats off to David and his incredible magic!!

Postby Guest » 04/22/03 11:55 AM

I used sudden deck for a second time this weekend (at an Easter party). While it was a great way to start (and a real fooler), because of the subtlety it seems to lack the impact it could. Also, while a magical appearance of the deck, once the box is folded, the audience immediately anticipates the deck of cards and their final revelation is a bit anti-climactic.

Does anyone have suggestions as to how to achieve the full impact that should be possible.

Postby pduffie » 04/23/03 01:45 AM

"Does anyone have suggestions as to how to achieve the full impact that should be possible."

If you can squeeze a small/medium size silk into the prop along with a deck (a corner peeking out slightly), you could delay it as follows:

1. Fold up the box and reach for the opening as if you withdraw the contents, then pause and look at the audience.

2. Now withdraw the silk then relax both hands as if that's it. "Well, what did you expect?" Tuck the silk into your pocket.

3. Now draw attention back to the card case and pull out the deck, "Ah, this is what I was looking for."

Something alone those lines may create the extra impact you are seeking.

Best Wishes

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Postby Guest » 04/23/03 10:34 AM

Thank you Peter!

If I use the right kind (or condition) of silk (thinking of maybe a "tie"), this would fit quite well with my "left in my jacket when dry-cleaning" patter.

Postby Pete McCabe » 04/23/03 10:43 AM

Peter Duffie's great idea can be used even if you can't also fit the silk into the box. Just hide the silk in a thumb tip and produce it, apparently from the box.
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Postby Pete Biro » 04/23/03 11:22 AM

Use a reciept from a laundry... "$ 300 to clean and press my jacket and they kept the cards!" :D
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