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Postby Bill Wheeler » 12/16/05 09:44 PM

This was reviewed in the latest Genii and I am genuinely pleased this is finally going to be published soon. "Feints and Temps" was an awesome book. Does anyone have more details about when this book will be available for purchase (or advance purchase)?
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Postby Jamy Ian Swiss » 12/17/05 12:14 PM

The book went to the printer last week (it was waiting for the last of three contributed introductions, by Teller, Mike Close, and that last one written by ... um ... me). So my guess is we might see it in six to eight weeks, but at present Stephen Minch is away in Italy, so that's not authoritative, it's a guess. And yes, Feints and Temps is a marvelous, vastly under-appreciated book, which I highly recommend. (And still available, I believe, from Richard Kaufman.)
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Postby Guest » 12/17/05 10:01 PM

There's a piece about Harry Riser, (mentioning the upcoming book) in the Indianapolis Star. It's a sidebar to a larger story about Indianapolis magic: Harry Riser: The trick is in the cards, Indianapolis Star, December 11, 2005.

Postby Doc Rogers » 02/17/06 01:13 PM

I received mine today and it is wonderful. Thanks to Harry, Stephen and all involved.
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Postby NCMarsh » 02/17/06 02:27 PM

SOE arrived today and I am taking a break from a few hours spent sitting on a dock beside the little manatee river, bathed in sun and a gentle breeze, working through the Charlie Miller section.

I am simply in heaven. Within the first twenty pages are two techniques/subtleties that are superior solutions to problems in routines that are centerpieces of my repertoire. Beyond the immediate applicability for me, is a deeply enjoyable book. Harry's personality shines through in the combination of stories/reflections on the legends that were fellow travelers of his, and in the incredibly elegant, devious conjuring that fills the pages. It is like sitting down for a pleasant afternoon with a legend.

Between The Book of Secrets, Mnemonica, The Richardson volumes, The Structural Conception of Magic, the completion of Card College, and this volume -- we have been extraordinarily lucky in the last few years to see the release of books that will likely still be classics decades from now. The explosion of information in magic has, at least, meant the release of plenty of wheat to go along with the overabundant chaff. It is worth noting that -- while my list certainly isn't definitive -- the majority of the items on it have come courtesy of Hermetic Press. In the last two years or so I have almost become a "subscriber" to HP -- buying virtually everything they have released, I have never been disappointed by a title that has come out of their shop -- and I doubt that I am alone. Thank you, so much, to Mr. Minch for continuing to live up to such a high standard of quality.

My hope is that, to reward Mssrs. Riser, Minch et al. many will buy this. For my own sake, I hope far fewer will actually read it.

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Postby Charlie Chang » 02/17/06 03:04 PM

Got mine today. An absolute feast of great ideas. Loving every page.

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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/17/06 03:32 PM

Got mine today as well. Looks great!
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Postby Guest » 02/18/06 12:30 AM

I have ordered a few for the shop, if you want one, please give me a call to put it on hold!

Postby Bill Wheeler » 02/20/06 04:36 PM

What an outstanding book, and worth the wait. I fooled myself working through "Yours, Mine and Ours".
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