Help Needed: Blackstone Jr, 1976

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Postby Mark Jensen » 11/10/10 01:26 AM

I'm looking for information about Blackstone Jr's shows, tours, programs, etc during 1976.

I know he performed in Philly in July of 76, but no other details of activities that year.

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Postby Bill Mullins » 11/10/10 02:42 AM

1/5/1976 = on TV show "Merv Griffin"
1/16-17/1976 = at Playboy Resort, Lake Geneva, WI
2/21/1976 = at CalTech's Beckman Auditorium
3/12/1976 = San Bernardino County chapter of National Kidney Foundation Dinner-Dance, at El Rancho Verde Country Club, Rialto, CA
4/15/1976 = on TV show "A.M. New York" on ABC affiliate in NYC
5/1/1976 = on TV special "Magic Magic Magic", filmed in Paris
5/13-26/1976 = Opens at Nugget Casino, Reno, NV (closing date uncertain)
5/28/1976 = on TV talk show "Dinah"
6/23 - 7/4/1976 = Oklahoma City Lincoln County Playhouse, OK
7/6-11/1976 = at Playboy Resort, Lake Geneva, WI
7/15/1976 = on TV show "Mike Douglas"
8/3/1976 = on TV show "Merv Griffin"
8/10-15/1976 = at Mangam's Chateau (nightclub) Lyons, IL (suburb of Chicago)
8/17/1976 = on TV show "Merv Griffin"
9/2/1976 = Houston TX Music Hall in association with TAOM convention
9/4/1976 = guest on premier episode of "The Magic Shop", hosted by Don Lawton (L.A. market)
9/7-18/1976 = at Playboy Club, NYC
9/24/1976 = on Bostn a.m. TV show "Good Day"
10/8/1976 = consulted on "The Great Houdinis" ABC TV show, broadcast today
11/1976 = releases book: _There's One Born Every Minute_
12/2/1976 = Moore Junior High School, Redlands CA (his children went there)
12/15/1976 = on TV show "Mike Douglas" (repeat of 7/15/1976?)
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Postby Tom Gilbert » 11/10/10 10:54 AM

I think I have a program from his 76 shows. I'll have to look it up.
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Postby David Alexander » 11/10/10 03:38 PM

Wasn't Harry the "Official Magician" of the Bicentennial?
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Postby Mark Jensen » 11/10/10 07:55 PM

I think Harry was the official bicentennial magician, but haven't been able to find any documentation to that effect.

To support that though, I have the key to the city presented to "An Evening of Magic with Blackstone Jr" in July 1976 by the Mayor of Philadelphia. It's a cool looking liberty bell.

Bill: Thanks for the info.

Tom: I'd be interested in finding out what was in his 76 program if that is what you have.
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Postby Joe Pecore » 11/10/10 08:25 PM

Here is an old 1978 "People" article that mentions Blackstone as the "official bicentennial magician" ... 69,00.html
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Postby Tom Gilbert » 11/11/10 01:18 AM

I believe I saw the big bicentennial show in Boston. Quite a production. He also did a whole piece on his father's magic. I'll look for the program.
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Postby Q. Kumber » 11/11/10 05:28 AM

About an hour of the show was taped. It aired in Ireland under the title, "Blackstone Live In Seattle".
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Postby hugmagic » 11/21/10 10:41 PM

Harry was the offical Bicentennial magician. I believe it was mentioned in Genii. The opening "Americana" number was first put together I believe when he was working 6 flags.

I will be with Gay this week and if I get time between shows and other things I will try to get the inside dope.

I will have to recheck my dates later but 1976 might have been the year I met him first when he put the shows in Sea World of Ohio.

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Postby Bill Palmer » 11/29/10 04:33 PM

In Houston during 1976, Harry performed at the Music Hall on Sept 2. Then he went up to Conroe and performed on Sept 3, and came back to perform at the Music Hall on Sept 4. The first Music Hall performance was a fund-raiser for one of the medical charities, and was not actually part of the TAOM convention. The Sept 4 performance was his official TAOM performance.
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