Cues: Variations of the Second Sight Act

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Postby Guest » 11/02/05 07:17 AM

Is there any way to contact the "Book Group" that just released this new book via e-mail or phone? There is only an address in the review.


Postby Richard Hatch » 11/02/05 08:43 AM

While not a direct answer to this question (I don't have Leo Behnke's e-mail and am not comfortable posting his phone number here since he chose not to include it in his advertising), I would like to let you know that H & R Magic Books has secured a commitment from Leo to deliver 12 copies of CUES to us for resale at the upcoming Los Angeles Conference on Magic History next week. As only 200 copies were printed, we do not know if we will be able to secure more. We'll be at MINDvention immediately following the LA Conference and will be bringing any remaining copies home with us.
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