Any idea what Vernon is doing ?

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Postby Thomas Van Aken » 11/08/10 08:09 AM


If you check following video between 0:05 and 0:15, you see Vernon does a very short coin sequence.

It look like the final step of Leipzig's "right there" but:

1. He does it with opposite hands when compare to the description in "Vernon tributes to Nate Leipzig".
2. Assuming he is doing Leipzig routine with opposite hands, the coin should be hide in his left hand (the upper one) and not in his right hand.

Any idea or comment ?

Thanks and regards

Thomas Van Aken
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Postby Jim Maloney » 11/08/10 12:17 PM

I don't recall the details, but Vernon did have a different handling of the Leipzig trick, called "Right Where?" It can be found in one of the Vernon Chronicles books.

Of course, David Ben would probably have more detailed info.

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Postby David Ben » 11/08/10 06:54 PM

That video was amazing. Amazing because it was lifted primarily from our film The Spirit of Magic. None of the card table magic in the film, of course, is of Vernon's hands. They are clips of Scarne that we slowed down to make more natural. That's the problem when someone copies the material blindly and has no idea of what is being demonstrated or who is doing the demonstration.

As for the coin routine, there is not much to add to Jim's comment. Vernon had multiple handlings of most things. This is one particular handling captured at a particular moment in time.
David Ben
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Postby Thomas Van Aken » 11/11/10 04:15 PM

Dear both,

Thanks a lot for your responses.


I did not remembered that variations of "right there" were published in the Vernon Chronicles but I will have a look.


Thomas Van Aken
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