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Postby Toncam » 11/08/10 07:23 AM

Greetings guys
After getting back into magic again after many years i found a good number of video clips on the great Cardini and i also found a book has been written on him. My question is there is only one book that has been written on the man who is probably the greatest card manipulator who ever lived ? I am tempted to get the one that is out there now but the price tag is pretty high. I was just wondering if anyone else had ever published anything on him. I have a dvd that i got off of Amazon that is called The magic of magic and in the bonus section of the disc there is a 5 min segment of him doing manipulations with fans and back palms, im 99% sure its him anyway. Its older and very grainy but i would have paid the full price of the disc just for the pleasure of watching him alone.
As for myself, i have been a dealer in the casino business for the last 29 years and have always kept my hands semi decent with the card manipulations but my interest has grown back lately and i find myself playing with coins more and more after having gotten the modern coin manipulation dvd, im really shocked at how dvds have become so prevalent in the field lately, i shouldnt be but when i was learning in the early to mid 70,s, books is all there was, lol. To give you an idea of how long ago i started, i used to go to Martinka magic shop on W 34th street and knew Al Baker quite well as a customer.Also Mike Tannen of Circle magic shop on 51st and Bway as well as Tannens at 1540 Bway.
Sorry for rambling a bit as its my first post and just wanted to say hi and introduce myself as well as ask a few questions.
Thanks for your patience.
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Postby Philippe Billot » 11/08/10 08:57 AM

You find some informations about Cardini here:
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Postby Eric Fry » 11/08/10 01:05 PM

I have no connection with the products I'm about to mention.

There is only one book devoted to Cardini, John Fisher's, and it's hard to imagine a book doing a better job. It is written for magicians, so the author is free to discuss the methods of Cardini and others, and place him in the history of magic.

Maurice Zolotow published a book in 1951 titled "It Takes All Kinds," which includes a chapter on Cardini, whom he knew. It is interesting but nowhere near the scope of Fisher's book.

Miracle Factory sells a DVD of the 1957 TV special "Festival of Magic," which includes a performance by Cardini. As I understand it, the performance is a shortened version of his stage act. But it is still substantial, running much longer than the 3-minute clip on the Magicpedia site.
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Postby Toncam » 11/09/10 03:10 PM

Thanks fellas, its appreciated.
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