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Postby Guest » 06/04/06 02:46 PM

I love Max Maven's monthly "Inquisition." I am constantly amazed at his research and his ability to link an eclectic array of subjects under a common theme.

June's Inquisition refers to Jean Hugard as the co-author of Keith Clark's "Encyclopedia of Cigarette Tricks," first published in 1937.

However, Ted Annemann's foreword to the first edition describes Clark as the sole writer. (Annemann noted the second draft weighed over fourteen pounds!)

Annemann was impressed that Clark's hands were the source for "every line written, every sketch drawn, and every photograph taken."

One little thing... the Inquisition hints that L&M cigarettes may have been used for such work.

Observe that filterless cigarettes were featured in every one of Clark's photographs and sketches. The unique filters of L&M cigarettes were targeted toward "health-conscious" smokers in the 1950's.

Some of Clark's techniques would be more difficult to effect with filtered cigarettes. For example, Clark explains in his methods for using sleights employing the Pinch that:
A fresh cigarette should be used and that it is "necessary to press the end ... very flat in order to render it unnoticeable. (In doing so) The dark color of the tobacco does not show at all in the interstices of the fingers."
I have to say that I am wowed and amazed at the detail in Maven's column. How does he do it?!

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