Hyper Mobility ala Dingle

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Postby Eric Rose » 05/19/04 03:13 PM

When I first flipped through Genii this month the photo of Derek Dingle's hand in On the Slant caught my attention. It probably stood out for me because my knuckles do exactly the same thing. Mr. Racherbaumer dubbed it "hyper mobility". I've always just called it "bein' double-jointed". The only other magician I've noticed this on is Diamond Jim Tyler. He exploits it to do his robotic hand gag.

Out of curiousity - are there any Forum users who possess this "gift"? If so, has it been a help or a hindrance? For me, it's never been a help, but it makes my hands tired as heck when I practice faros.
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Postby Bill Wheeler » 05/19/04 03:42 PM

How does hyper-mobility tire out your hands when you do faros?

Just curious,
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Postby CardFan » 05/19/04 04:24 PM

I am severely double jointed and never experienced tiredness from doing faros or any other sleight. Perhaps you are gripping the deck way tighter than you ought...

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Postby Eric Rose » 05/19/04 06:59 PM

My knuckles (heavens, which ones? Where's the Card College endpapers when you need them?) tend to pop inwards when I fully extend my fingers. The little rascals pop back the other way when I bridge the cards together. I typically practice faros for at least an hour straight (or on long flights when I'm sitting far enough from others to keep from annoying them)and by the end of the practice my knuckles are tired.

I'm pretty sure that I'm not holding the deck too tight. I've had several people note that I have a "light touch". Its just the extension and flexing that makes my knuckles hoochie-koochie.
Eric Rose
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