Post-it Note Force Pad?

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Postby Jeff.Prace » 10/26/10 07:04 PM

I remember reading an idea that used a Post-it Note pad as a forcing device. Does anyone recall what issue it was in?
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Postby Mike Kamlet » 10/26/10 08:02 PM

January 2007 -- page 27

Called Word Play by Josh Mandel

...isn't iGenii wonderful...
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Postby Jeff.Prace » 10/26/10 10:31 PM

Thank you so much!
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Postby David Acer » 11/05/10 05:15 PM

I should mention that it turned out Josh had inadvertently reinvented the Post-It Note force-pad idea, but I can't seem to find the published precedent anymore. I recall there being a thread about it but it isn't turning up in my searches. There's also a chance I'm misremembering the whole thing, and I may actually be asleep right now dreaming this post.
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Postby Pete McCabe » 11/05/10 06:02 PM

You and Chuang-tzu, Dave.
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Postby Josh Mandel » 11/07/10 11:59 AM

You remember correctly, David. Steve Cohen invented it first, and it was published right in the Magicana column (the issue was from the 1990s, so Jeff can find it in the archives once they're back up).

Also, more recently, Kostya Kimlat did an e-book on the the Z-pad (that's what I call it for short, I don't think Steve or Kostya gave it a name). It can be found here: Kostya was terrific about the attributions, and I believe he even includes some of Steve's work with it.

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Postby Joe Pecore » 11/07/10 01:08 PM

Any Card at Any Number by Steve Cohen in Genii December 1994 page 98?
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