Double Envelope Question (and Koran)

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Postby erdnasephile » 10/20/10 08:02 PM

I had a question I was hoping that someone might be able to help with please.

I am studying Al Korans Legacy and have tried to construct the envelope Mr. Miller describes in The Five Star Prediction (pg 19 of the 2009 edition). He describes putting a partition in an open business letter envelope and sticking it down to the back of the address side of the surrounding envelope on 3 sides (2 narrow and lengthwise) with one card trapped within. Then the second card is placed in the other compartment and the envelope sealed.

The part I really dont understand is that the text claims that by tearing the right narrow side of the envelope, only one compartment will be accessible, while tearing the left narrow side, the other compartment is the only one available. Worse, the illustration on pg 24 shows the envelope's narrow end torn with the card coming out and the long top edge of the envelope torn with another card coming out. I cant for the life of me figure out how this is supposed to work.

The only solution I have come up with is to cut the partition shorter than the envelope on both narrow ends, then glue the left side of the narrow partition to the back of the address side of the surrounding envelope. Then, glue the other side of the partition to the non-address side of the surrounding envelope. That way, when you tear the envelope, on one side only one compartment should be open. If the cement is only 1/8th inch in width and the partition is all the way to the ends of the envelope (as in the Koran book), the method I described won't work.

I am hoping that perhaps someone might please give me a push in the right direction in constructing this envelope.

While we are on the subject, are there any texts I should study on double envelopes? I have researched Tarbell 5 and the Ted Lesley book for starters. I love the Lesley solution, but didn't want to have to cut the envelope open.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Postby SteveP » 10/21/10 08:05 AM

Richard Osterlind describes a similar solution to what you came up with above on Easy To Master Mental Miracles, Volume 2, where he performs and teaches The Five Star Prediction.

It's a simple matter to place an insert into the envelope. Glue one end to the front (address side), then the other end on the opposite side of the insert to the back. This method works fine, but the adjustment you have to make is with the glue. It has to be a fairly wide line of glue because you're tearing off part of the glue and need to leave a significant part behind in order to keep the insert glued to the envelope.

Also, you don't need to use the large #10 envelopes. Use the smaller ones, the #6 3/4 size. Make sure they're security envelopes and make life easy and get the self-seal.
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Postby Ray Banks » 10/21/10 11:33 AM

Martin Lewis has a double envelope template with his Pocket Technicolor Prediction. In the video that comes with the routine he also demonstrates, but doesn't explain the Five Star Prediction. His envelopes prevent the need for double backers.

The Pocket Technicolor Prediction is a good trick itself which I use a lot.
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Ray Banks
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Postby erdnasephile » 10/21/10 01:55 PM

Thanks, guys! I'll check out the references.
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