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Postby Amirá » 10/16/10 10:53 AM

Hi !

Im new in this forum and i wanna share with you my blog and my offerings to the mentalism community.

Im a part time performer and psychology student, and a full time addict to mentalism.
My mind and even my dreams are focus in this beatiful art.
For me internet and all this places are a great way to communicate with other performers and share ideas.
For that reason i start to write and sell my ideas in eBook format.

I already publish 5 eBooks about different topics relevants to mystery performers:

1. Mysteries Anywhere: Impromptu Mentalism
2. 5 Miracles with 5 ESP Cards : Psychology and Parapsychology in perfect harmony
3. Impromptu and Colorful Prediction: Predict anything, anywhere and my solution for close up Technicolor Prediction.
4.Mistake Deck: Any name card is the only printed one in a complete blank deck.
5. 52 piece of paper for mental demonstrations: Mentalism with playing cards.

If you are interested just enter in my blog

or PM me .

In my blog i had also another things such as :

Free Offerings

Enjoy !

My Blog ( eBooks, Free Offerings and Ideas) :
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