Best RF remote for Ipod?

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Postby zamiel » 10/12/10 08:42 PM

Hello, I posted a while ago about the different set ups for music. One option that was listed was an RF remote and ipod setup. I was going to purchase an RF remote but wanted to make sure I got the right one. I looked up some but a lot of people said that some didn't have good range or were not accurate in other ways. Does anyone use this type of system and if so what RF remote product have you found the most reliable?
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Postby Brad Henderson » 10/12/10 09:06 PM

I thought the virtual soundman icue2 was great. Sadly that is no longer in production.

I know people swear by Kerry Pollack's products, but the display unit (which I would never do a show without) is a recent addition to his mp3 tech, and together it is a fairly pricey system. But if it gets the job done reliably . . .
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Postby Gordon Meyer » 10/25/10 06:15 PM

Ideally, get one that offers playlist navigation. This allows you more flexibility in setting up the music for your show as you can do more than just pause/play. An example is this one: ... uctID/1821
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