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Postby fred kirchner » 10/06/10 11:49 PM

Okay all richards books are outsatnding i love the historical houdini conjurers monthly printed in two volumes mine survived a fire that destroyed my apartment,richard how many of those did you print?
fred kirchner
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/07/10 08:43 PM

I have no recollection unless there's a note of how many were printed on the copyright page, which I sometimes did with limited reprints of old magazines.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Joe Pecore » 10/07/10 09:54 PM

The ad in the February, 1991 issue of Genii says: "These beautiful books are being produced in a limited edition of 500 copies"
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Joe Pecore
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Postby fred kirchner » 10/07/10 10:50 PM

okay thanks guys it really is a quality book(s)
fred kirchner
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Postby Gregory Edmonds » 10/14/10 04:45 PM

I have, and like, both the original and a reproduction set. My originals are for sale (in quarter bound leather covers), should you be interested.

Though the originals had color (if only two) on the cover, and the graphics were a little crisper, being original, the new ones are on a much higher quality paper, are also nicely bound, and will have a longer eventual shelf life.

Gregory Edmonds
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