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Postby houdini's ghost » 10/05/10 12:36 PM

First, let me say my conscience is clear. I have been projecting the publication date of Houdini--the Key on the estimates and contracts with Capitol Press, who printed the book beautifully, and Kater-Crafts Bindery, who, as of 10-5, are working on it. They are a hand bindery.
So, to those who have paid in advance, I apologize, but, I'm sure glad you got in on the pre-pub price and I will get your books to you ASAP--when I get them.
And STILL my conscience is clear because I didn't start selling this book until it actually had gone to Capitol Press. I still had plenty to do, but, outside of typos, I wasn't changing anything--just getting it ready to print.
I never sold the book during the 2 1/2 years I was creating it.
I have insisted on selling Houdini--the Key one to a customer.
It's a book for the few, not the many.
It is a textbook on Houdini's tricks and how he did them.
A textbook, with notes and an index.
I stress that because I have a kid in college and I know about textbooks.
We all are looking at another week or two. The pre-publication price is still in effect.
More soon, I'm sure,
Patrick Culliton
houdini's ghost
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Postby houdini's ghost » 10/21/10 03:45 PM

Bruce Kalin of Kater-Crafts bindery has pushed me back to Oct. 29.
He is probably being sloppy about that date, too, but, it means he's nearly finished binding Houdini--the Key.
If he is being accurate--for the first time in his life--about when I'll have the books. I'll be able to start sending them out next week.
Thanks for your patience. The pre-publication price is still in effect.
Patrick Culliton
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Postby Leonard Hevia » 10/21/10 06:52 PM

October 31 would seem like the perfect date to ship out the books.
Leonard Hevia
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Postby houdini's ghost » 10/21/10 10:28 PM

The 31st is on a Sunday this year.
All Saint's Day (Nov. 1, the day that Margery died) will have to do.
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Postby houdini's ghost » 11/04/10 08:43 PM

I did get the books on Oct. 29 and began sending them out Nov. 2. A couple of guys already received them and have posted on Joe Lauher's handcuffs.org
I sent out 20 books today. I'm going by when each customer prepaid. The first people who got their money in should be getting their books about now.
The books are numbered according to when each person got on the list. Some people opted to have the same number as the set of Houdini Unlocked they already owned.
Houdini--the Key # 1 of a limited edition of 278 is going to be auctioned on ebay for a veterans' charity.
I have a few left because I have sold one to a customer, didn't sell any to speculators, and haven't sold any outside the magic world. I reached out to the people I thought could use, and have some fun, with a textbook about Houdini's methods. Some of the people I most admire have bought Houdini--the Key. And I promise them, I'll be sending the book as quickly as I can.
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Postby JohnCox » 11/04/10 08:57 PM

I'll watch for that auction, Patrick, and promote it on my website/Facebook, etc. Great idea.
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Postby David Byron » 11/09/10 03:00 PM


Kernel review: This book is full of win!
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