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Postby Seth » 04/15/05 06:20 PM

Just a suggestion...but how bout calling it

"Rocker Bomber's Corner"

instead of on the slant...

p.s. I think i read somewhere on the forum that's how to pronounce the name? Am i wrong?
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Postby Lance Pierce » 04/15/05 09:25 PM

Click here .
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Postby Guest » 04/17/05 02:12 PM

Someone suggested : The . big easy " . Why not

" Mr. Raucherbaumer takes it easy " It could be

the start of a whole new series ......Mike

Postby Leonard Hevia » 05/28/05 01:25 PM

The June Genii issue of Racherbaumer's "On the Slant" contains some interesting ties to his text 1984 text At the Table. Sir Henry Taylor's quote from the article is also on page 77 of Table. Here's the quote: "A secret may sometimes be best kept by keeping the secret of its being a secret."

The 6th page of this Genii issue also contains the ad for Racherbaumer's new text Counthesaurus, an encyclopedic text of false card counts. Nice that Racherbaumer finally completed it after 25 years of work! He mentions on page 133 of At the Table: "I'm currently at work on the most comprehensive (if not exhaustive) book on false counts ever written. It is called Counts and Concepts and aspires to entail and detail every false count known to man, magician, and Larry West."

By the way, At the Table contains a slew of wonderful quotes. Here's my favorite by Oscar Wilde: "There are moments when art attains almost the dignity of manual labour."
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/28/05 04:26 PM

I don't think Counthesaurus (or however the heck you spell it) is the same as Counts and Concepts was planned to be (all inclusive). The new book is not all inclusive, but has many things in it.
Mike Rogers used to call Jon "Rocket Bomber."
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Postby Seth » 05/28/05 05:06 PM

Well the big easy is already taken by Ernie Els.
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