The Fabulous Frank Brents, "America's Black Magician," passes away

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Postby David Oliver » 09/09/10 03:58 PM

I am saddened beyond measure to pass the following information along. Another dear friend has exited the stage for the last time. The fabulous Frank Brents, "America's Black Magician," passed away last night in New York, on the eve of his 85th birthday, today. I just confirmed the news with two of his closest friends. "Uncle" Frank was a thinker, a mentor, an innovator, and a great human being.

He was born and raised in Louisville, KY, yet traveled the world entertaining monarchs, kings and other heads-of-state with his one-of-a-kind act. His "Duck Act" became legendary over the last four decades. While others were producing several doves in their act, Frank not only produced the same amount of doves, but would produce a multitude of large ducks (some from body loads!) as well!

Frank was one of the founding producers of New York's "Monday Night Magic," and played an active role in that show up until the very end. I am sure that there will be more details coming from the MNM guys in the coming days about memorial and funeral arrangements.

It was an honor to have shared some special times together, "Uncle Frank." Your advice was always welcome, your stories forever enjoyed. I won't forget our late night car ride from hell, our Las Vegas luncheon, or sitting with you at Lance's show while Lance introduced you to the crowd, yet you had already fallen asleep before the spotlight hit you! You always had wonderfully nice things to say about my performances, and I was constantly humbled by your overwhelming support. You were a charmer. You were a star. You were definitely one of a kind.

Thank you, "Uncle Frank." I loved you, and I miss you already.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/09/10 04:15 PM

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Postby M.Lee » 09/09/10 06:58 PM

It is with profound Sadness that I report the passing of my dear friend, Frank Brents of Louisville, KY. Frank was recognized as America's Favorite Black Magician. Frank never ceased to win over any audience with that winning smile.

He was my dear friend and was recognized world wide as a noted dove worker, and is best remembered by the public as the Duck Magician having vanished Geronimo the Duck world wide for more than 30 years. (In this day and age where everything is incredibly accessible on DVD or the internet, Frank learned his craft the old fashioned way- trial and error, sweat, failure and brushing yourself off and doing it yet again. In my book, this is a pro.)

Frank unselfishly gave of his time and knowledge to many of the younger performers here in the NY area. He was a wealth of knowledge and information and delightful company.

As many in the magic community may be unaware, Frank made a point of confiding in me and he knew that we trusted each other. He really didn't care to share his confidences with many others. I valued his friendship and trust in me. I made it a point to take care of Frank as best I could in as many ways as I could. I literally spoke to him at least once or twice daily when I wasn't on the road, for the last 20 plus years. He attended many of my performances and was a firm, yet too kind, a critic.

As a performer, Frank toured the world for more than 30 years, making numerous apperances on the popular Captain Kangaroo TV show, the Olympia Theater in Paris- performing with such performers of note as Shimada, Norm Nielson. Frank told me that he always believed that his greatest triumph was a command performance for Princess Grace and Prince Ranier of Monaco. (the show program of this event would make any of today's greats drool.) Lance Burton was also acquainted with fellow Louisville-an Frank Brents, as Frank sent Lance a postcard from Europe that Lance still treasures all these years later.

Now retired, Frank was a member of the board of the weekly "Monday Night Magic" here in NY, and continued to take the stage on occasion. I spoke with Frank literally hours before his passing, and right up to the end, Frank's love of magic was obvious, so much so that he was delaying going to the hospital because he was waiting for the mail to arrive, as he ordered a couple of new magic books. That was the Frank Brents that I knew and loved.

Right up until the end, Frank was working on a new, unique and novel presentation of the Magic Square, that he was extremely proud of.

Some form of a memorial will be put together in Frank's honor. When I find out more information from Frank's family, I will let everyone know. In the meantime, please take a moment to say a prayer for the loss of a great gentleman and gifted performer.

It is with EXTREME SADNESS that I report this to the magic community.

Frank- you are in my heart and prayers.

Rest in peace my Friend,

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Postby Kenardo » 09/09/10 11:09 PM

Very sad. Frank was a great guy. I loved watching his stage act.

Thanks to Rene, his stage act can be seen on YouTube.

Go, watch,and enjoy!
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/10/10 12:57 AM

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Postby Matthew Field » 09/10/10 05:14 AM

Thanks to Rene Clement for the Frank Brents video. Frank was a delight and I had the pleasure of getting to know him from his many performances at New York's Monday Night Magic. Frank did it all -- the duck vanish and other stage work, close-up and platform. He handled cards very well (as you can see in the manip he does in the video) and he had a multiple card location that was just amazing -- it was recorded on a video (I think for IMS.

He was a gentleman and the duck vanish especially took a lot of physical prowess that was hidden from the audience.

His passing is a great loss for magic and I will miss him very much.

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Postby Jim Maloney » 09/10/10 11:26 AM

"Matthew Field: "he had a multiple card location that was just amazing -- it was recorded on a video (I think for IMS."

Was this the spelling thing? That blew my mind -- I participated in that once at MNM, and he gave me the deck afterwards. I still have it around somewhere.

Very sad to hear that he's gone now.

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Postby M.Lee » 09/28/10 10:39 AM

Thank you to one and all who can out to particapate at the Memorial/Broken Wand ceremony to remember Americas Black Magician the legendary Frank Brents at Musicians Hall In New York City

RIP Frank..We are SAD.

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