George Tait (aka Patrick Redford) Chicago Area Lecture Sept. 13

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Postby Tom Dobrowolski » 09/07/10 10:25 AM

On Monday, September 13 at 7 p.m., Midwest Magic is proud to present:
George Tait (aka Patrick Redford)

Patrick Redford
Mentalism Based Magic
A Lecture for Everyone

Detroit area entertainer, Patrick Redford, has been entertaining audiences around the world with his psychological magic for more than ten years. Redford has entertained such notables as Metalica, Kid Rock, and Ted Nugent. Redford has performed in four different countries and all across the United States.

In addition, Patrick has been a featured performer and speaker at both Danny Archer's Mindvention in Las Vegas and Martin Duffies's International Magic Festival in Newcastle, England. The focus of the lecture is on Mentalism based magic.

Patrick G. Redford is the alias and pen name of Mentalist George Tait. In the lecture you will see mentalism at its best. The material is suitable for both amateur and professionals alike! The lecture features some of Redford's best work sampled from his large body of both published and unpublished material. It's like getting two lectures for the price of one! George Tait performs the material and Patrick explains it - never-mind that they're really the same person.

Patrick is a well respected author and teacher in the magic community with multiple books to his name. Past projects of Redford have included a theatrical one-man-production that blended magic, music, and theater.

UIn Redfords Lecture You Will Learn:
An hands off version of Any Card At Any Number that is a strong fooler
Surefire methods of making anyone forget virtually anything
How to control the thoughts and actions of four people in the course of an incredibly direct chair prediction.
An impossible card location that has fooled some of the best minds in magic

The focus isn't just on the effects. The focus is on the creation, the whys and hows, and the small presentational touches that make these things so powerful.

What Others Have Said About Redfords Lecture
"Patrick is a real worker; he makes a living at this. As a result he knows all the subtleties one says and does and how very important each piece of verbiage is. He understands that the wrong word can signal things we do not want a spectator to even think about." --Banacheck
"It (the lecture) is a journey from creation to performance - with several significant stops in between"--Rick Maue
"Mr. Redford was a great teacher and taught each effect with great clarity. It was a wonderful lecture that I along with the rest of the audience enjoyed very much." --Tatanka Tan (Tannens, NY)

Tickets are only $20 and seating in order of reservation, so call today!

Midwest Magic
9706 Franklin Av.
Franklin Park, IL 60131
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Remember the lecture is this coming Monday night. Stop by or call to reserve your spot today!
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Remember it's tomorrow night. Seating, as always, in order of reservation.
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