Alex Ramon and Zing Zang Zoom

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Postby James Foster » 08/23/10 01:11 PM

The September 2010 feature article arrived just in time to alert me to this wonderful show which played in Austin this past weekend. I took in the Saturday morning performance. Before the show there is an hour-long period in which you can go to the floor and enjoy some juggling, magic, costumes, etc. Alex was there and after his bit I approached him with my Genii magazine. He was stunned as he hadn't seen it yet. We chatted over the Bay Area magic scene (I'd lived there until my early 20s) and he talked a lot about life under the big top and what a good time he was having. He was charming, polite, and enthusiastic. He is the star of the show, despite it's size and complexity. The show is well worth a visit if it comes to town. I enjoyed it immensely and thank Richard for selecting a great cover story and Jim Steinmeyer for crafting such a good read.

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Postby Magic Newswire » 08/26/10 02:22 PM

As we approach the end of the run of Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey Circus' "Zing Zang Zoom" we revisit the show with the key players. Two years and 200 podcasts after we first got together, we are joined again by the show's primary consultant Jim Steinmeyer, Zingmaster Alex Ramon and for the first time by Alex's nemesis in the show Tweedy. We discuss all the good things about this edition of the circus and Jim suggests we take a critical look at the show and learn from it. I really think that you will enjoy this one! It was recorded several weeks ago, but I held onto it after learning that they were featured in the most recent issue of Genii. I think that it is a nice compliment to the story that Jim wrote for Richard. Enjoy!
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/26/10 05:18 PM

I have to give all credit to Jim. He suggested that Genii do a cover story on Alex and it was my pleasure to say yes.
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Postby Magic Newswire » 08/26/10 11:29 PM

It was a great article and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to follow up with each of them as we approach the end of the run. Well done Richard.
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Postby David Oliver » 10/15/10 03:12 PM

Just saw Alex, Tweedy and the entire cast of characters of "Zing, Zang, Zoom"on the final leg of their tour. What a fun show! The magic is not what some of you may expect, but it's perfectly appropriate for the venue and type of audiences the show attracts. The elephant vanish is extremely clever on so many levels. The crystal chamber transformation (ala S&R) of Tweedy into a tiger looked great. That, along with the fire spiker, sawing, and three simultaneous levitations performed by three kids from the audience were highlights. I heard more gasps and "how did they do that" comments from the people around me than I have heard in a long time when watching a show. The interactions between Alex and Tweedy made for perfect interludes to each magic effect in the show. And Alex had enough energy and charisma to carry the show throughout. He is an excellent and personable ringmaster. Not sure what I was expecting (after reading the article), however, I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly entertained. Bravo to all involved.
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