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Postby magicam » 08/21/10 12:44 AM

The address for Adams Press Print, the publisher of ELLIOTT'S LAST LEGACY, is Houdini's home address. Adams Press also published THE GRIM GAME, Houdini's monograph expose of Margery, and Oscar Teale's HIGHER MAGIC, and Houdini's home address is also used in these publications except, I think, for HIGHER MAGIC.

My library is mothballed at the moment, so I can't do much research. Does anyone here know the history of Adams Press Print and Houdini's connection to this publisher?
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Postby houdini's ghost » 08/21/10 12:26 PM

Years ago, I had a little collection of "Adams Press Print" publications. All the items were Houdini connected except for one, or possibly two, which seemed to have no connection to Houdini at all.
Arthur Moses may know a bit more about this.
I got the impression that it was a generic publishing name--there were different addresses on some things. But somebody should have owned the name.
Fred Pitella may have run across more titles.
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